Truck Lettering Santa RosaWhen it comes to running a business – any kind of business, from desk-work to heavy labor – advertising is absolutely key.

No matter how profitable your business may be in theory, you’ll be left in the dust by dozens of similar (and possibly even lower-quality) businesses if you don’t take significant steps to get your name out and visible to the general public. And for companies with employees that are always on the move, there’s no better way to advertise than on the side of your truck.

Truck lettering isn’t new by any means, but it never ceases to be an innovation in advertising convenience.

Gone are the days when you’re forced to hand out business cards to put your company’s information out to the public. With truck lettering, you’re advertising when you’re driving down the street, you’re advertising when you’re parked at a grocery store or a work site, you’re advertising at every red light – heck, you’re even advertising when you stop to fill up your tank! That’s the beauty of truck lettering: Anyone who so much as spares a glance at your truck will have your company’s name and number plus what you have to offer, and even if they aren’t in need of it right at this moment, your name will be the first to mind when they do.

Advertising on your vehicle isn’t just location-effective – it’s cost-effective too! When you run an ad in a local paper or put a commercial on television, you pay a hideous amount of money for an extremely limited run. Your ad’s only in the paper for a week or your commercial’s on air for thirty seconds twice, and then that’s money thrown into the ether. With truck lettering, your advertisement will last as long as you choose to keep it, and you’ll be getting your money’s worth a week, a month, and even a year later.

Also, truck lettering makes your business seem more professional.

While just about anyone can put down money for truck lettering, the general public still associates it with a successful, well-off company. “Wow, they must be pretty popular,” Civilian Joe thinks to himself. “I bet that means they do high-quality work!”

Whether you’re driving a tiny pick-up truck or a land-ship of a company van, there’s a size, font, and color of truck lettering just for you. It’ll make your vehicle look professional and convey all of the necessary information to advertise your company without being cluttered. You get to choose and personalize what sort of truck lettering goes on your vehicle, so you won’t have to be embarrassed driving it when you’re off the clock. Truck lettering is not only efficient, but it’s also extremely affordable. You’ll save the thousands of dollars that others spend custom-painting their company’s advertisements and logo onto their truck or van, and you can put that money toward other valuable advertising means.

Besides simply improving your business’s standing, truck lettering has a number of more subtle benefits too.

Truck lettering turns bumper-to-bumper traffic from a menace into a godsend in which you and your truck are the only thing dozens if not hundreds of unprepared people have to read. It’s a good conversation-starter, and it tells any potential romantic interests that yes, you are employed. It also gives your truck a distinct stand-out to identify it quickly in a crowded parking lot. In fact, truck lettering also makes your truck look official enough to get away with leaving your car in a no-park zone to run into the store for a minute, but you didn’t hear that one from me.

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