If you’re a local business or have multiple fleet vehicles then you need to get truck lettering. Simply put, truck lettering is the most efficient way to advertise your business, get your contact information out there, and tell customers how you can help. 

The average American spends a whopping 300 hours (or over ten full days!) in their cars every year. Your business can reach these people with the help of transparent vinyl truck lettering that goes right on your back window and doesn’t block the view. 

Truck Lettering

Truck Lettering and Transparent Vinyl Decals 

Transparent decals are basically just decals with a clear background. They’re sometimes called “clear” decals since they appear to lack a background. The only thing that you see is the lettering, so that’s clearly ideal for a back window and truck lettering. 

Many businesses that use vinyl lettering are in service-based industries – delivery trucks and vans – or contractors. For all of those businesses, being on the road is something of a way of life. 

A contractor or delivery service might not even have a brick-and-mortar location for customers to frequent. Consider a contractor that makes house calls (electrician, plumber, landscaper, etc.) or delivery truck operating out of a depot. 

For all of those kinds of businesses, vinyl decals and truck lettering makes much more sense than spending a ton of money on traditional advertising.

Vinyl truck lettering can be used for years because of its durability and the fact that customers will always need to know about your business – especially how they can get in touch and how you can help them. 

But what about the side of your truck or fleet vehicle? Can you advertise there to? For that you could use transparent vinyl decals, or you might want to go with a vinyl decal that’s uniquely cut (“contour-cut”) to fit the dimensions and contours of your business logo.

Contour-cut Decals Great for Side of Vehicles 

These are actually sometimes called contour-cut decals because they feature precision cuts around your lettering and business logo rather than a seemingly clear background (transparent vinyl truck lettering) or opaque background. 

Instead of having your decal cut into a cookie cutter generic shape like a rectangle or a square, contour-cut vinyl decals can almost seem like they’re painted on to the side of your vehicle. 

That can be a better option that even a vinyl sticker with a white background going on to a white fleet vehicle because with contour-cut stickers you don’t have to worry about the shade exactly matching. 

With a perfect cut around your business logo you also don’t need to worry about a bulky background getting all funky around curves and recesses on your vehicle. Vinyl contour-cut stickers are plotted then given a customized mechanically cut. 

There’s something that looks really professional about contour-cut vinyl truck lettering. It tells your customers that you care enough about your business to invest in a quality form of advertising.

Put Yourself in the Customer’s Shoes  

Having informative yet colorful truck lettering on your vehicle that’s perfectly contoured might not sound like that huge a deal until an electrician comes to your house for a service call…and you notice he’s in a nondescript white van. 

Wouldn’t that look a whole lot better if it had the company’s logo on it? Sure it would.

It’s the same with the millions of drivers who will see your truck lettering over the years. Having truck lettering on a fleet vehicle or delivery truck says all the right things about your business, provides quality advertising, and brings you closer to the communities you serve.  Contact us for more information.