Vehicle graphics can provide you with a competitive advantage against the other guys and, let’s face it, a marketing advantage no matter your industry. Car wraps and truck lettering are designed to go places that other kinds of advertising can’t reach. This means that you’ll meet new customers and tap into new markets without having to develop a fundamentally different marketing campaign to get there.

All you have to do is apply durable vinyl truck lettering to your current fleet of vehicles to reap the advantages that come with vehicle advertising. That alone can allow your company to be seen by a whole new cross-section of the community. Fresh leads and more sales are a natural result of more people getting exposed to your company’s goods and services through truck lettering.

Why Truck Lettering?

Around-the-clock Advertising…Even in Traffic Jams

Truck Lettering

Traffic jams typically bring your vehicle’s fleet to a standstill, which means fewer deliveries and fewer customers served. While there’s not a whole lot that you can do about traffic, there is a way to benefit from being stuck at a red light.

When you have truck lettering on the side of your company’s vehicles that trumpets your company’s name, logo and contact information you can take advantage of the downtime stuck in traffic by advertising.

In fact, your customers will be more receptive to your message when they’re bored in traffic as opposed to changing lines on the highway or focusing on where they need to go and who they need to see.

The fact is that truck lettering gives you around-the-clock exposure in a way that other kinds of advertising might not. Even if you or one of your drivers has to run in somewhere and make a delivery, pedestrians and other drivers can soak in your message while you’re taking care of business.

That’s a huge advantage to your company no matter how you slice it. The fact that vinyl banners last longer than most TV shows these days also means that they’ll continue to rack up the views and positive exposure for your company far into the future.

Speaking of television, consider the fact that your average television ad will last around 30 seconds. That’s enough time to get the message across but once the ad plays, that’s that. Vehicle wraps and truck lettering, however, continue to pay years down the line!

Personalize Your Unique Message

There’s a case to be made for putting a greater share of your advertising dollar into real-world advertising. Banners are great because they last a really long time and vibrantly display your message.

Billboards can also be good, but the problem is that cities often have their own restrictions about what you can put up and how long it can stay up. Vehicle wraps and vinyl banners are different in the sense that you own them and you can totally control the message.

Truck lettering can be done your way and it will allow you to reach your target audiences much more directly. The people who are liable to see your truck lettering every day are likely the same basic demographic as the customers that you’re delivering to. That means more effective advertising with your truck lettering.

In the age of smartphones your message is that much more effective since people can quickly spot your vehicle wraps and pop the information into a search engine to find out more right on the spot.

Putting it all together, vehicle wraps and truck lettering allow you to reach mass audiences without any restrictions on your message. And truck lettering delivers those benefits for years to come. Contact TNT Signs and Graphics for more information.