Car wraps can transform your vehicle. When used on a personal car, truck, van, or other vehicles, these wraps can make your personality shine through. They can turn your boring, basic car into a work of art. In fact, if you’re an artist, you can design your own custom vehicle wrap with your own artwork on it, making your vehicle the ultimate expression of yourself and your talent.

While wraps can be fun for personal vehicles, they can be a great marketing opportunity for businesses. With the right car wrap, your business’s van, car, or truck can become a mobile billboard, advertising your brand and your products. If you haven’t used vehicle wraps before and are wondering how they can help you move more products, let’s take a look at how you can leverage wraps as a marketing tool. Once you see how they can help, you can reach out to TNT Signs to help you design and install the perfect vehicle wrap.

A Wrap Turns Your Vehicle into a Moving Billboard

Once you’ve wrapped your vehicle, it essentially acts as a moving billboard. It will advertise your products and services wherever you park it. This may not mean much when your vehicles are parked at your office, but when they’re on the road, you’re getting your products in front of many people. Potential customers will see your brand when you’re parked at a customer’s home when you’re making deliveries to a business partner, and at any other time.

If your retail space is located in an area that isn’t exactly conducive to advertising, you can even use your wrap as a store sign. For example, maybe your store is located further down in a strip mall that doesn’t face the main street. This means people driving by likely won’t see the large sign on the front of your building. Parking your wrapped vehicle towards the end of the lot by the main street can help draw in people who can’t see your storefront from the road.

Of course, being able to move your vehicle and advertise wherever you go is the main benefit of a car wrap. With a standard billboard, you’re only reaching people who drive by it. In some areas, this may be mostly the same group of people every day. With a wrap, though, you can get your brand in front of as many different people as possible because you’ll always be on the move.

Car Wraps Can Be Easily and Inexpensively Changed

If you have a new product launching, you’re going to want to promote it as much as possible. One of the biggest benefits of a car wrap versus a billboard is that it’s fairly easy and inexpensive to change. You don’t have to pay to rent the billboard space plus pay to have a new ad installed. Instead, all you have to do is have the wrap removed and a new one put on. You can create a new wrap for every major product launch if you want. You can also create wraps promoting products that are extremely popular or that you’re having a special on. In some cases, it’s even worth the investment to create a wrap for a special sale. 

If you have multiple vehicles, it’s possible to advertise different products on each one. This can be a good way of moving multiple products. If you have an entire product line launching at once, you can advertise each product on a different vehicle. You could also use some vehicle wraps to advertise products that aren’t performing as well as you’d like. You can devote most of your vehicle wraps to your best sellers but leave a few for products you want to boost. The results may be well worth the investment.

Design Your Wraps Wisely

To really harness the power of a vehicle wrap, you need to make certain it’s designed correctly. In some cases, it may be enough to put the product name and image on the wrap. This may get people interested enough that they seek out more information online, in your store, or via phone. However, there are some situations where this isn’t enough. Putting basic information on a car wrap might not provide potential customers with enough to really pique their interest. 

This often occurs with a brand-new product that isn’t quite like anything else on the market. Customers might not really understand what it is or what it does just by seeing a picture. You’ll need to include a little bit of information about the product. The challenge with this is that you do have limited space. The side of your vehicle may not be huge, especially once you take into consideration windows, lights, and other areas. You’ll need to be sure to use a font that’s easy to read and make it large enough that people can see it from a good distance away. 

The time someone has to read the information on your car wrap is another factor. If it’s parked in a lot, people can stand by your vehicle and easily read everything. They could even take a picture of your car with their phone to reference later. However, if someone sees your vehicle while you’re driving by or while they’re driving, it’s not as easy. They may not have time to take a photo. In fact, if they’re driving too, they may only be able to give your car wrap a quick glance before putting their eyes back on the road. They need to be able to absorb a good amount of information in just a second or two, so you have to have a good hook for your product in as few words as possible.

Figuring out the ideal vehicle wrap isn’t always easy or obvious. Trying to describe your product in as little as five or six words can seem impossible. Sometimes, that’s not the right way to approach the wrap. Instead, sometimes it’s better to ask a question or tell potential customers how their lives could be easier with your product. Again, if you have multiple vehicles in your fleet, you can do different wraps for each. You can try out different marketing techniques to see which one brings in the most customers.

Think About Timing

With some vehicle wraps, it doesn’t really matter when you put them on your cars. A wrap that is a general advertisement for your brand is going to do well any time of the year. However, if you’re creating wraps to advertise product launches, specials, or other events, you do need to carefully think through when you want to use them.

If you’re launching a product, you may want to include the specific date the product will be available. This way, you can send out vehicles with this product on them several weeks or a month in advance. It will help build interest in the product before it’s launched. If you’re accepting pre-orders, include that information on the wrap. You could end up selling out before the product even hits the shelf. 

For events and sales, you want to give customers enough notice that they are able to attend. Launch your fleet of wrapped vehicles a month prior to the event if you can. This way, there’s more of a chance people will keep the date open. If you wait until the last minute, you may not have many people attend. 

Designing Your Wrap When You Don’t Have Design Skills

If you’re a small business owner, you may not have a graphic designer on your team who can create an amazing vehicle wrap. If you’ve tried your hand at the design and don’t like it, don’t worry—TNT Signs has a design team that can help! We’ve worked with a wide variety of clients over the years, and we’re pros when it comes to taking what’s in someone’s head and translating it into reality. Whether you have just a vague idea of what you want your wrapped car to look like or know exactly what design you want, we can help you with all the details. 

Once the design work is done, we’ll send it over to our print shop. We use premium inks and vinyl to create wraps that will look great and last for quite some time. The installation process is done carefully and to our high standards, so there will be no wrinkles or other unsightly blemishes. The wrap will look smooth, sleek, and exactly as you expected it to. It’s sure to grab customers’ attention and get your brand out in front of as many people as possible.

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