Vinyl truck lettering couldn’t be much easier to design, order and install. You can literally email over your design ideas or digital files showcasing your business logo and have a print shop come back with ready-to-apply truck lettering within a few weeks.

Truck lettering can go right on the tailgate of your pickup or be applied over bulges and curves on the side of your vehicle. These things are really versatile. If you have a business vehicle, then you might even want to consider truck lettering for your doors and window decals for your truck’s back window.

Pre-spaced Truck Lettering 

Truck Lettering

Vinyl truck lettering comes pre-spaced and with a wax liner backing. Once you peel the backing, the only thing left to do is decide where it will go and paste your vinyl truck lettering on with a squeegee applicator.

Using a squeegee helps to transfer your vinyl lettering to a side door panel, tailgate, or windows on your truck or company vehicle. It also removes bubbles and makes everything look more presentable. But make sure to pull upwards on the tape after you’ve squeegeed to get a clean application.

This kind of easy-to-install truck lettering is designed with convenience in mind. You can literally install in one piece and remove the transfer tape when you’re done adhering the vinyl lettering to your vehicle.

Works for Business and Everybody Else! 

This kind of DIY vinyl lettering works on cars, trucks, and vans and for businesses or celebrating things like upsets from local sports teams (“Great year, Wildcats. Champs 2018!”) and upcoming events.

Send Over Your Design Today 

This exciting process all starts with sending over a design file – vector files using illustration software like Adobe Illustrator are usually easiest.

Once you send your file over you’ll get the opportunity to choose the size and kind of text that you want to accompany your truck lettering. Most fonts will work but you definitely want to prioritize legibility by choosing a font that isn’t overly ornate and can be read from afar. Arial bold, for instance, is a winner.

People who’ve been around vinyl lettering can also tell you that white lettering or lighter colors tend to get the message across easier because windows appear dark from the outside to most people. Anything that heightens the contrast will be more apparent to people on their way to work or running errands.

Making the Grade: Standard, Premium, and Reflective 

When it comes to the actual grade of your truck lettering, you also have options since you can choose three broad categories of vinyl lettering: standard, premium, and reflective.

Standard is plenty resilient and can give you a solid five years of performance in most weather conditions.

That’s really saying a lot since vinyl lettering is incredibly cost efficient and probably the most affordable way for your business to reach out to thousands of new customers every year.

Standard vinyl lettering is actually made from calendered film, which simply refers to the pressing and coating process.

Slightly upmarket from the calendered film used in standard vinyl truck lettering you’ll find premium truck lettering that’s made from cast film. Cast is considered the holy grail in terms of vinyl lettering and durability because this kind of truck lettering can keep trucking strong for ten years or more!

Another great thing about cast film and premium truck lettering is that it can be applied to curves on your vehicle or other complex surfaces and stay in place for longer. But if you’re concerned about visibility, ask about reflective truck lettering and how that might benefit your business. Contact us today!