With the suburbs stretching further and further out and more people commuting than ever before, truck lettering can offer your business much more exposure and let you reach customers you might not otherwise.

Truck lettering and vehicle wraps can actually generate 50,000 views a day. That’s about the number of people that cram into a baseball stadium to catch a game – standing-room only, jam-packed game.

Truck lettering lets you appeal to that many people or more every single day!

More Hours Behind the Wheel 

Truck Lettering

The fact is that Americans spend more than 20 hours a week in their cars. That’s important because 91% of those drivers, on average, notice truck lettering and advertising on the side of your service truck or fleet vehicles. Those are awesome odds for your business.

So, truck lettering gets you noticed, but how does it really work to increase your sales beyond gaining you more exposure and increasing your customer base?

It turns out that truck lettering and vehicle wraps increase your perceived level of professionalism in Santa Rosa and among all of the communities that you do business with.

Truck Letting is a Great Business Investment 

More than half of the people (56%) that see your truck graphics will think that your company is successful and making the right moves.

There’s old expression that you need to spend money to make money, but fortunately vinyl truck lettering is unbelievably affordable in providing value to your business.

You might be surprised to find out how affordable: Truck lettering on a side door panel and the back window can frequently be done for a few hundred dollars. You definitely want your logo, company name, and contact information somewhere in there. Truck lettering is also one of those things that you might need just to keep pace with your competitors.

Fortunately, you can do that and reach new customers without breaking the bank. Truck lettering and vehicle wraps provide incredible value and can reach 1,000 potential customers for as little as 15 cents!

Advertising that Tirelessly Delivers Value 

You’re able to get all that expose on the cheap for a few reasons. In contrast to television and radio ads, your message is good for years since vinyl wraps and truck lettering is weather-proofed and made to withstand punishment from rain, snow, and hot weather.

Truck lettering obviously doesn’t have all, or really any,of the regulations that billboards do either. And when you think about it, billboards are also stationary, which has the same one-and-done disadvantages of television and radio ads.

By contrast, truck lettering reinforces your brand before, during, and after service calls and lets you reach new customers throughout Santa Rosa.

Truck Lettering Connects You to Customers 

The sheer amount of time that people can spend studying your vehicle wraps and truck lettering is another factor to consider. When someone’s whizzing by on the highway late for work, they probably aren’t scrutinizing a billboard perched hundreds of feet away.

Even if they are, there’s only a few seconds to take in the message. Truck lettering is different because it stays put when your truck’s parked and lets people jot down your contact information when they’re stuck in traffic or at a stoplight.

This statistic is probably all that you need to know: 97% of people (that’s 3% less than…well, everybody) remembered ads on the side of a truck or commercial vehicles whereas only 19% of billboard ads were remembered by drivers.

Bold designs, bright colors, big yet legible typeface, and extra features like reflective vinyl can increase your exposure and memorability even more. Get started and contact us today.