The vinyl truck lettering on offer today has a number of features that make it perfect for your business. But first, let’s take a look at what vinyl truck lettering is and what makes it so great. 

What is Truck Lettering Really?

Truck Lettering


Vinyl truck lettering is lettering, numbers, and/or graphics cut from a sheet of solid-colored vinyl. The vinyl is then put onto a piece of transfer tape for easy application. 

The 2-mil (50-micron) vinyl used in today’s truck lettering is designed to go the distance: It should last eight years or more without cracking or fading. You get the protection against fading partly due to the fact that vinyl lettering is UV-resistant and waterproof as well. 

Vinyl truck lettering is incredibly affordable, and truck lettering works on a ton of surfaces because of how it’s made. This kind of lettering works on painted side panels just as well as it does on your back window. 

Because of how thin the vinyl lettering is today, you also won’t have to have any kind of special degree or fancy training to apply your lettering over your vehicle’s corrugations, rivets, or other curves in your vehicle to make it stick. 

Vinyl Lettering Versus Vinyl Decals 

Vinyl decals and truck lettering are actually somewhat different in the way that they’re made and the ways that they’re used. Vinyl decals are cut to give you a general shape – so there’s a background there – and they come in a variety of gradients and colors. 

Vinyl lettering, on the other hand, is cut – technically, “weeded” or “picked” in the industry – around your letters, numbers, or graphics. So, the letter number “8” would feature two internal cutouts so that you would be left with the actual number itself. Vinyl lettering with self-adhesive gives you dozens of colors options too. 

Applying Your Vinyl Lettering 

Since the vinyl truck lettering you’ll receive comes pre-spaced and pre-masked, you’ll probably find that installation only takes a few minutes and doesn’t require a Ph.D. in engineering to figure out. 

You simply clean and dry the surface of your car, truck, or van where you want the vinyl lettering to eventually go. Then you create a hinge with a horizontal strip of masking tap on the top half of your graphic. 

From there you remove the bottom portion of your graphic from the back liner. Then you use a squeegee, which should come with your vinyl lettering, to push the lettering onto the surface that you ultimately want it to adhere to. 

Vinyl lettering comes pre-masked and pre-spaced so that you can do installation in mere minutes if you’ve done this all before. You shouldn’t have to make any cuts or wait long between steps for stuff to dry.  

You will eventually, though, have to remove the pre-mask layer beginning at the top corner of your vinyl lettering. Remembering back to your masking tape hinge that you applied at the beginning, that should come off as the last step with the pre-mask. 

So, can vinyl lettering be applied to other vehicles? Yes! Vinyl lettering works on cars and vans, but it also works on off-road vehicles, ATVs, RVs, and even a tractor trailer if you want to do some overtime with your advertising. And, why not? 

Taking Care of Your Vinyl Lettering 

Now, you might want to think twice about using a heavy-duty power washer on your vinyl truck lettering because that’s one thing that can make the lettering rise up at the corners. Try using water, perhaps a drop or two of Dawn soap, and a non-abrasive cloth to dry things off. Contact us for more information.