What You May Not Know About A Car Wrap… 

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A custom vehicle wrap is mobile advertising!


Car wraps are a fast-growing trend among vehicle owners looking for stylish ways to customize vehicles and protect

expensive car paint. It’s an excellent way to change the look of your car without making a permanent commitment. Traditionally, car wraps were primarily used by businesses looking to brand company vehicles. However, all drivers, including luxury vehicle owners, can enjoy car wraps.  


What Is A Car Wrap and How Are Vehicle Wraps Applied? 

Car wraps are sheets of vinyl applied to a vehicle above the paint. You can get vinyl wrapped cars in clear finish, color gradients, glossy finishes, metallic colors, and graphics (check out our gallery). It’s worth noting that car wraps are temporary and have no lasting impact on the vehicle’s paint. You can remove them as you please to retain the car’s original paint color or change the style.  

The application process is relatively straightforward. Large sheets of vinyl are applied to the vehicle and pressed into the body with heat. A professional with a steady hand carefully lays the vinyl sheets and proceeds to cut away the excess on the windows, doors, and openings. The result of a proper car wrap is a smooth finish without air bubbles or scratches on the car. 


What Are The Top 7 Benefits of A Custom Car Wrap?


A Custom Wrapped Food Truck

A custom wrapped food truck makes a memorable impression!

1. Car Wrap Cost

Car wraps help you customize the appearance of your vehicle without draining your pockets. It’s more cost-effective than repainting your vehicle, which makes it possible to do it frequently.  

2. Paint Protection 

Wrapping your car offers protection for your paint. Damaging UV rays and debris impact cannot access the OEM paint, which keeps it protected. With car wraps, you can avoid multiple paint jobs.  

3. Reversible Customization 

We all enjoy a bit of color and change of style once in a while. However, a permanent paint job may not be what you’re looking for. Wrapping your car is an excellent way to style up and enjoy your favorite design for the season, and revert to your usual car paint once done.  

4. Time Efficient  

A proper paint job will probably have your vehicle in the garage for a week. This is a long turnaround time for anyone who relies on one vehicle and hopes to use the car for business. Car wrapping takes between 2-3 days to give the film enough time to rest and adhere to the vehicle. You can drop off your vehicle for the weekend and have it the following week ready for use.  

5. Creative and Versatile Vinyl Wrapped Cars

Custom car wraps are creative, fun, and an excellent way to change your vehicle’s colors and texture. You can also include graphics and patterns to have your vehicle looking like an expensive paint job. There are no limitations to car wrap colors and designs you can select as a design for your vehicle. Once installed by a professional, car wraps will have you looking as good as new.  

Wrapping your car is also an excellent way to maximize a vehicle lease. Most car owners don’t allow new paint on leased vehicles. Car wraps are the best way to customize the car for personal and business. 

6. Maintaining the Resale Value  

A worn finish can discourage buyers and also reduce the resale value of your car. A car wrap protects your vehicle from sand, dirt, grit, and anything that scratches the paint. Once you remove the car wrap, the vehicle’s paint is in good shape and fetches a better resale value. 

7. Advertising and Branding 

 Wrapping your car is an excellent way to brand a company vehicle and advertise your business. It’s also a non-intrusive way to promote yourself to potential clients as you drive around. What’s more, you can get a car wrap for a specific part of your vehicle instead of wrapping the whole car to manage costs.  


A car wrap is a cost-friendly, versatile and fun way to upgrade your vehicle’s appearance for personal use and business. Contact us today and getting your custom car wrap. 

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