“Many a small thing has been made large by the right kind of advertising.” — Mark Twain

Truck Lettering

I think we all can agree that the marketing of your business through social media is what everyone is looking to do these days. Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and many more social media avenues are at your disposal and easy to do. With those social media outlets though, having fans, friends and people willing to pass along what you’re offering or just expose your business to the masses can be tough and not on the schedule you can put a time frame on. An avenue we at TNT Signs and Graphics Inc believe in, is the importance of good visual communications in increasing the visibility and customer base of a business. In our opinion, having an effective Truck Lettering Design is key to promoting your business for many reasons.

Truck Lettering to the Rescue

Your Own Space

Having your businesses logo or having your businesses information on your truck using easy to remove Vinyl Truck Lettering material is an exclusive advertising resource. Your choice of Truck lettering is on display on your own truck and is not being competed against. It’s your own space, and it’s on display wherever you go, or whomever oversees the driving of your truck around. Providing quality truck lettering is something we take pride in at TNT Signs and Graphics Inc.

Attention Grabbing

On average, we drive our cars around 29 miles a day. With this being said, a Truck roaming the town with attention grabbing truck lettering or your businesses logo is a great marketing choice. Having an attention-grabbing truck lettering design will grab passing drivers attention.

Reach a Wider Audience

Like we said earlier, advertising through social media is a benefit but it can be time sensitive. Advertising your car or truck with attention grabbing truck lettering and or logo design can reach to an audience of over a hundred thousand views per month. It’s tough to achieve that through social media and a website where most are click based. Wrapping your truck or car with an effective truck lettering design can help you reach an audience that you never thought was possible.

Non-Aggressive Advertising

I think we all can agree that it can be annoying at times to have our reading interrupted by a distracting or ridiculous ad or radio spot. Wrapping your vehicle or truck attracts attention without disturbance. It can last in your mind while you’re stopped at a red light or walking down the street. Potential customers can easily spot your message without significant distraction from what they’re doing. We’ve learned that customers have responded positively to a positive truck lettering wrapping design that isn’t all up in your face. Whatever you want to use for your wrapping is fine, and we’ve learned that most people like a striking wrap design.

Cost Effective

Billboards and advertisements can have reoccurring costs for however long you choose to advertise that way. The cool thing about truck lettering and vehicle wrapping is, you can change your wrap as much as you want for a smaller cost than billboards or advertisements. In the end, the choice is yours, but we want you to make money off this effective truck lettering form of advertising. Why else would you advertise?

Local Advertising

It goes without saying that this form of advertising is targeted to your local market. So much has gone on in Sonoma County over the past several months, and our residents are interested more than ever in supporting local businesses. Having your attention-grabbing truck lettering on your truck around town, especially now, when people are more aware of their surroundings, is such an effective strategy for the growth of your business.


This isn’t on this list last because it’s the least important, it’s highly beneficial. A vinyl wrap on your truck can protect your vehicle from scratches or road debris or dents. Our designers can easily remove your wrap if anything happens over time, without affecting the paint on your car or truck and keeping the value of your vehicle intact.

Truck Lettering

It goes without saying that advertising for your business is vital to grow and be successful. A truck lettering wrap advertising campaign can help you achieve success without massively affecting your checking account. A truck lettering campaign gives you your own space to advertise without competition, is very attention grabbing, non-aggressive, allows you to reach a wider audience, and provides some nice protection. In the end, advertising is a personal experience for your business and you should find the best avenue, so your business can reach its highest potential. We’d love for you to contact us to extend this conversation and help you put together the very best truck lettering design for your business and its prolonged success.