Whether you are an independent truck driver or you run an entire fleet truck operation, advertising your business, is one of the key factors, to its success. Using vinyl vehicle lettering/ truck lettering, would be the perfect solution for your business.

Truck Lettering FAQ’s

truck letteringResearch has shown, that the typical company van/truck,on the road providing services or day to day deliveries, results in over 16 million visual impressions annually.This is an impressive figure and is definitely, guaranteed exposure for your business. Therefore, advertising with truck lettering, on the side of your van, is by far one of the most cost-effective advertising solutions for any company, using trucks/vans, in its day to day operations.

A single investment in vehicle lettering, provides maximum advertising for your business every time you drive.Commonly referred to as mobile billboards, vehicle and truck lettering can be installed on your car, truck, or SUV using a wet or dry method. Sign Servant employs trained professionals, that can install vehicle lettering on you car, truck or van in a prompt and cost effective manner. Our prompt service provides convenience to drivers, so that vehicles don’t remain off the road, for long periods, affecting their productivity. Installation usually takes within 5-7 days, from the time of your artwork approval until your vehicle is returned.

When getting truck lettering done on your vehicle, there are a few factors that should definitely, be considered, in order for your service or product to be properly advertised. With truck lettering, using larger fonts is usually recommended, therefore, fonts at least three inches or more should be used, to ensure that your lettering is seen by all. White vinyl often shows up best, on windows and it reflects the sun. A color or a scheme that is of high contrast to the body color of your vehicle is also another effective option because it highlights your all your information and proves to be attractive to the eye.

Don’t write a book on your vehicle, passing motorist will not have enough time to read a lengthy ad. Therefore, keeping your format, service information and message simple would be best.These a should include your business name, a single advertising line of 4-5 words, your phone number and/or a web address is all you will need . Consider using an outline effect on the main line of your truck lettering. Although the cost is slightly more, your vehicle lettering will prove its worth by gaining substantial attention for your business.

In addition, here at sign servant, we also carry a retro-reflective truck lettering product (reflective web decals). This type of product has a deep rich color tone in daylight and it reflects brightly at night. A reflective product costs a little more, but is a small price to pay for 24 hour exposure for your business, versus daylight only lettering.

In respect to the durability of your truck lettering, one should make the choice to have the very best grade of vinyl for vehicle lettering. This is premium or cast vinyl last up to ten years. Do not use promotional or indoor grade vinyl on your vehicle mainly because many grades of vinyl will not last more than a few months. Be smart and innovative and get your truck lettering done today, it will save you tons of money and provide a constant stream of advertising for your business. For further information or to get your Truck Lettering done today, visit us at SignServant.com