Altering your car doesn’t have to involve a blowtorch or doing the kinds of things you see on Monster Garage, but there is an aesthetic element to it all. This aesthetic that involves car decals can be simple, such as covering up small issues, or it can be as large as branding your vehicle. In some cases, you can accomplish both of these at the same time and add more respectability to your business at the same time. With car decals, you can accomplish a lot without a huge investment.

Covering Issues

Car decals are great for making your vehicle look better. If you’ve had a minor ding or a bit of paint that isn’t quite right, you can cover it right up with a well made decal. By covering up your car’s small issues, you make yourself and your vehicle look better without spending a huge sum of money to do so. This is money that you can then turn around and use for a more constructive purpose related to your business, such as keeping your vehicle running better or saving up for the next vehicle that you’ll eventually need. Car decals are a very pleasant and professional way to cover up small problems without using more “improvised” solutions like duct tape — and you do not want to be the person driving around in a duct tape mobile. You may even find that the savings that car decals can grant you versus having a professional new paint job or ding removal done may be enough for further advertising somewhere else.

Adding Brand Respectability

It’s been said that shy sales people have skinny kids, and they are not the only people who have this problem. The other type of person who’s got skinny kids is the one who is technically a professional and has a business, but who doesn’t treat their business or profession with the respect it deserves. If your vehicle doesn’t look good or isn’t professionally branded with car decals or the like, you stop looking like the consummate professional you may very well be and start looking like some kind of hill jack who claims to have skills that are beneficial to people. Car decals may not sound like a major addition of respectability, but car decals really do go a long way toward making you look like the kind of person someone should call when they need professional work done.

Constant, Inexpensive Advertising and Trouble Avoidance

How much is your advertising budget? If you answered that question with a chuckle followed by something like, “What advertising budget?” you have a problem you haven’t thought of — not putting what you earn in your business back into it so you can grow. Consider the return on your investment when you put car decals on the vehicle you show up to work in. If you have ever seen someone parked in a residential area, wondered why they were there and then noticed signage on their vehicle, you know that this is a powerful way to get new clients. The thought process goes something along the lines of, “My neighbor uses them, and I won’t be outdone by my neighbor. Time to give that pro a call.”

An interesting thing happens in the absence of car decals, though. Instead of inexpensive advertising for your business, you start to look suspicious. In good neighborhoods, a different vehicle parked outside someone’s house may lead to having the police called.

Using car decals is a great way to cover problems and market yourself. Treat your business like what it is, your family’s livelihood.