Customized car decals can be cut into just about any shape and size to fit your vehicle. Whether you need a few opaque car decals to celebrate your daughter making the honor roll or a dozen perforated decals for your commercial fleet vans, these things go the distance.

Custom vinyl car decals can be installed on the inside or outside of your vehicle. Heck, the right kind of decal can be slapped on to the side or back of your boat.

In the vast majority of cases, though, these kinds of decals go on the surface of regular vehicles (car, trucks, and vans).

That said, you’ll probably want a different kind of sticker depending on how you plan on using it. There are there basic options to choose from: clear, opaque, and perforated. These words refer to design and visibility with each.

Clear Car Decals: A Clean Look for Vehicle Windows and Sides

Car Decals

A clear sticker, for instance, can be placed on your vehicle’s windows or the side of your vehicle because it won’t impair your visibility like an opaque sticker would.

Clear car decals would be a great option if you just want your logo showing without any apparent background on the side of your vehicle or if you want to have a huge logo or line of text on your back window.

Just keep in mind that clear car decals aren’t totally transparent, in spite of the name.

Although there’s a “cleaner” look and more visibility because of the lack of an apparent background with clear car decals, you still won’t have complete visibility if you try to look through the printed part of the car decal.

These kinds of decals are still totally safe to drive with and give you a really clean look. This is the kind of sticker that you’ve no doubt seen a bunch of businesses in Santa Rosa using on their storefronts to trumpet their hours of operation.

On the sides of vans, trucks, and cars this kind of clean look makes it appear as though you got an awesome custom paint job with your logo.

The best part? Custom vinyl car decals are much cheaper than custom paint jobs, and these stickers can be quickly removed without damaging your vehicles paint job.

Opaque Car Decals: Sides and Corners

Opaque car decals can be large like clear car decals, but they do impair your view more.  Accordingly, if you’re taking the “go big or go home” mentality then you’re going to probably want to put an opaque car decal on the side of your vehicle.

If you have a smaller car decal in mind and you dig the look of a solid background, then a small decal on your back window could be just the thing.

Opaque car decals work recreationally or commercially and hang on tight without damaging your paintjob. The secret is in the acrylic adhesive backing that all car decals come with.

The acrylic adhesive is designed to come off your removable liner backing for easy application and provide a tight hold to an applied surface.

The cool part about this is that acrylic is designed not to negatively interact with the chemistry of your vehicle’s paint.

Perforated Car Decals: Very Business Friendly

Perforated (meaning “pierced with tiny holes”) car decals can be customized to allow you to see through your back and side windows.

These are frankly perfect for business since they allow one-way visibility out and also allow you to advertise on a huge canvas. Perforated car decals come with your choice of 80/20, 70/30, or 50/50 perforation. Contact us for more information.