Custom Signs For Attracting Customers TNT Signs and Graphics Santa Rosa, CAIf you’ve recently created a website for your company, then you immediately understand the importance of conveying your brand in the best light through various marketing channels, including custom signs.

Getting off on the right foot with customers is just as important when it comes to banners, custom signs and window decals. Customers want to know what you hold important, what you do well and how you can help them.

Customized signs are a great way to put your company’s logo front and center. With the ability to get tailor-made sizes, colors and shapes to suit your company, custom signs are an affordable way to market yourself.

Custom Signs = More Attention, Traffic and Sales 

It used to be that customers associated signs and decals with barber shops and saloons: gone are the days.

Today small and large businesses around the country use customized signs to stand out from the pack and give companies the individualized look that leaves a lasting impression in customers’ minds.

A lot of business owners are put off by the upfront costs of ordering customized signs. That really shouldn’t be a big concern in light of the fact that you quickly make up the costs in increased exposure and sales.

You can also let customers in on time-sensitive promotions by ordering banners and window decals to get the message out.

Customized Signs: Limitless Options 

Because signs and outdoor banners are made out of durable materials like PVC as well, you can leave signs out year-round or reuse your sign whenever you want to let customer in on a sale or change in hours.

If you’re looking to order and post a huge volume of signs, going with a plastic sign that features your logo, points customers in the direction of your business, and briefly mentions sales information is a surefire way to get more traffic.

Lawn signs and window decals are other affordable ways that you can engage your community without being obtrusive. Customers want to know what your business does differently – a customized sign can bring the message right to their doorstep.

You shouldn’t let these examples hem you in, though. Whether you need a few banners custom-made for an upcoming company retreat or convention, a window decal to fill customers in on changing hours, or a vehicle wrap for service calls, you can have it all.

Indoor and Outdoor Signs 

Although both indoor and outdoor signs are beneficial to your business, each type serves slightly different purposes.

An indoor sign is targeting customers who are browsing your store and have a higher chance of making a purchase that day. Outdoor signs, on the other hand, have a broader audience in mind and might be more about promoting an upcoming sales event or simply highlighting your services.

Indoor signs and banners actually fulfill two main purposes – enhancing the decor and clueing customers into current sales and promotions. Restaurants and convenience stores especially benefit from window decals and indoor signs that give customers a quick flavor of what’s on the menu, so to speak.

Retail stores also benefit from indoor signs in that many customers are time-strapped and looking to get linked up with deals ASAP. Indoor signs and banners fulfill that purpose beautifully and also put your brand in a fun light that informs at the same time.

Outdoor signs actually serve many of the same purposes, except here the focus might be a little broader. A good idea is to get your logo and services upfront. Aluminum signs and durable PVC banners can ensure that your personalized message continues to attract customers for years.