Car decals are a mainstay of marketing campaigns especially since they are eye-catching, customizble and durable. Today the business landscape is highly challenging hence the reason why most Santa Rosa California companies are striving to shrink daily expenses, while still fighting for maximum value and the favorable positioning of their corporate image. In many cases a company’s advertising budget tends to be the number one causality when implementing cost-cutting initiatives in many businesses, thereby undermining the purpose of brand awareness.

Car Decals

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For this reason many companies are now adopting organic marketing where assets are being used as effective tools in marketing strategies. Decals can be added to your company vehicle for brand awareness and to communicate business strategies. Vehicles are ideal for promoting as they are dynamic and leave a long lasting impression. This can quickly boost brand recognition and grow your business. With digital printing at our fingertips, the possibilities of printing any design are limitless and you can obtain this type of print in bulk for a relatively low price.

Materials Used

High-quality decals are made from weather resistant materials. When applied to the surface of your vehicle the finish is so smooth that problems such as curled edges are eradicated. These materials withstand elements such as hail, snow and rain.

Design options

Technology allows you to choose from a wide range of creative possibilities and these range from color combinations, sizes and screened graphics. In the design the company logo and selected colors can be incorporated and adjusted to the shape of the decal you need.


Branding not only tells consumers of who you are but also reinforces a corporate image demonstrating how seriously you take your customer’s loyalty. You may focus on your corporate sustainability, responsibility and community development in your marketing agenda.

Whether you are trying to set your brand apart from the highly competitive market or simply maintaining your position as an industry leader, vehicle branding can be a cost effective way of achieving your marketing goals. Understand that the amount you pay to have your ad exposed depends mainly on the medium used and the audience. For instance, television is viewed as a dynamic medium with a larger audience and ads tend to be higher per impression than is the case with radio adverts.

With magazines and billboards also, adverts can be fairly expensive because advertisers are clearer on the audience the message is tailored to. However, car adverts are different given that it is not easy to predict who will be viewing the advert at certain times. This makes vehicle branding relatively cheaper than other mediums.

Flexibility of Decal placement

A vehicle can be adorned with decals on any part, and you can also opt to have an eye-catching wrap in its entirety. A good decal becomes the face of your brand, and placing it on your vehicle can help you to saturate a large geographic area with your image. This can in turn build greater awareness of your brand. When used in conjunction with other signage, decals can present a professional image that garners attention. Your design should highlight your current business activities.

Car decals are a favorite marketing medium because they can be used for all types of products and services. More so they are fairly inexpensive, with the high-quality ones carrying a visually appealing effect. With decals you are exposed to many creative possibilities that can allow you to stand out from the competition.  Contact us for more information.