“A love between a man and his car can only be understood by those who have felt it.”


Okay, so your car desperately needs a paint job but you just can’t find the money to get it done, what do you do? Do you just eighty-six the whole thing? Well, with car decals you don’t have to as you can not only change the color or look of your car in the blink of an eye but you can do it at a fraction of the cost and in half the time it would take to get a high-quality paint job.

I mean who even has the time to wait weeks to get their car painted? My guess is not many people. With cutting-edge technology car decals make customization to cars quicker and easier than ever before. How?

Car Decals

Well, using a dynamic technique called car wrapping and a state-of-the-art vinyl to customize cars, this is made possible, and since people are beginning to realize that they save time, hassle and expense, car decals are quickly becoming one of the hottest new trends being followed by car owners everywhere.

Apart from this, car decals are also becoming a big thing in the advertising industry where many businesses today, are using them as an affordable and attractive way to market their products and services.

With all this fuss being generated around car decals, some people may naturally ask certain questions about them, like: “ Are they durable?” or “Does the process to get them done take long?”  So, to give a general idea of what you can expect with car decals, let’s take a closer look at how they are designed.

How It Is Done – The Ultimate Deal On Car Decals

In all the excitement created by the affordability and versatility that car decals offer, some people often question their reliability but contrary to this notion car decals possess incredible dependability which has more or less been one of the main reasons for their increased popularity.

According to the experts, car decals are formulated with an extremely durable 3M vinyl that is not only of the highest quality but can last up to ten years or more, withstanding many forms of damage like scarring, fading and oxidation.

Let’s say you wanted to change your car’s color from that boring grey to a daring, hot-rod red using a car decal, your project would be specially designed using all the specifics including color, graphics, and dimensions on a computer, allowing you to keep your vehicle during the design process.

Once formulated the car is prepared and using state-of-the-art equipment, the decal is properly positioned and placed on the car. The entire process takes only one day to complete, so car owners can have their newly customized vehicle back in no time.

What’s also great about car decals is that they can come in both permanent or semi-permanent types depending on how long you want your car to maintain a certain appearance but the bottom line is they beat an expensive paint job any day.

How Much Will A Car Decal Cost Me?

Making significant changes like a paint job, to any vehicle can be pretty expensive, costing maybe as much as $2500 but who really has that kind of money to spare?

With a high-quality finish and exceptional durability, car decals can make it happen for just a fraction of the price of a custom paint job.

Priced at a $100 or less for installation and $300 or less for the design getting car decals installed beats spending thousands of dollars to make certain modifications to vehicles.

Great for quick repairs, specialized graphics and unique color choices you can have it all with custom car decals.

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