Signage is a critical component of any successful business. Your indoor and outdoor signs are a direct reflection of your brand and what your customers perceive about your company. Without proper signage, most of your target clients wouldn’t even know you existed or about new and exciting promotions you ar offering. So, it’s important to invest in clean, professional custom business signs for your Santa Rosa business.

The list of types of indoor and outdoor signs is almost endless, and so is the number of innovative opportunities you can grab to use them effectively. Working with our experienced signage experts in Santa Rosa can help you figure out what works well for your business and customize the right solution that will increase your brand awareness and improve customer experience.

Types of Custom Business Signs

1: Wall Signs

Female holding sale signWall signs are placed on the interior or exterior walls of your business premises. You can put in a lot of creativity to prepare wall signs in a variety of shapes and sizes. Besides, they can be illuminated from within, from behind, or from external lights shining on the signage. Wall signs are highly customizable, and you can easily update the graphics and messages you put on them.

Whether you want to display your business tag line, promote your brand ambassador, advertise a new line of products or services, or simply display your brand name, it’s all achievable with customized wall signs.

2: Window and Floor Graphics

Typically, window and floor graphics encompass stickers and decals that are pinned on a store’s glass walls and flooring. You can use window and floor graphics to display your business logo, new offers, promotions, discounts, and much more. These graphics are ideal for placement inside, or sometimes outside your business premises.

Decals on glass walls are perfect for attracting existing and new customers to your store, and you can customize them with attractive colors and designs to make them hard to ignore. Floor graphics may additionally act as instructional or directional signs.

3: Roll-up Banners

A roll-up banner is another highly helpful and cost-effective business signage that offers flexibility, customization, and portability. You can reuse the same signs for as long as five years – all you need to do is replace the banner or message inserts whenever you have new offers or advertisements.

The frame of the roll-up banner remains the same, and since they are highly portable, you can place them anywhere, both inside and outside your business location. These signs also provide ample space to let you display practically any information or advert.

4: Informational Signage

Informational signs work well for large stores such as departmental stores or malls. Also known as departmental, organizational, directional, or wayfinding signage, these signs are made and installed to help visitors know the different sections within your store. They help customers to navigate your business space and find what they are looking for with ease.

Some instructional signs direct people towards vital areas of your facility, such as washrooms, elevator, pantry, entry, exit, emergency exit, or any specific section in your business space. Informational signs often have concise information so that people can read them on the move.

5: Vehicle Graphics

If you have company vehicles about on the streets, you can leverage vehicle graphics to promote your brand wherever your vehicles go. It’s like you’re turning your company vehicles into moving billboards.

Vehicle graphics can be seen easily by people held up in traffic most of the time. Even if you don’t want to use your company cars, you can buy space on any vehicle of your choice, including public trains, buses, and even private vehicles.

The Bottom Line!

All these business signage options are highly successful when you customize and place them correctly. We are expert business signage specialists in Santa Rosa and can help you with all your signage needs. Contact us today with any questions about custom business signs for your business.