Have you ever thought about making custom business signage in Santa Rosa? The challenge is to make your company stand out in a barrage of marketing messages. Signs can be effective if left basic with a creative touch. The use of colors and simple background shapes can sometimes make big differences. Here’s a look at what a custom sign can do for your business.


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Reasons to Refresh Your Store

Many times retail stores choose custom business signage in Santa Rosa simply to mark a new image that might coincide with new products and services. The idea of revamping a brand can be effectively promoted through signage, especially when an old faded sign is replaced by a more modern and sharp-looking sign. Sometimes old typefaces fall out of style and it just feels better to replace them.

Another reason to update your business signage is to disassociate from an old image perhaps because it was linked to a number of bad experiences. Posting a new sign can create the impression of major improvements to a brand. You may also want to update your sign because you’ve learned more about how signs can impact perceptions and you want to apply new ideas.


Exploring the Possibilities of Custom Signs

What’s great about planning custom business signage in Santa Rosa is you are already surrounded by a beautiful environment that attracts tourists from all over the world. Nice natural scenery as a backdrop can be advantageous for any highway sign. Think about how your brand fits into this environment so that signage appears to look more relevant on a local level.

Developing custom business signage in Santa Rosa involves using digital technology that creates files for you to proof before moving on to the production stage. So you pretty much have creative control of the project unless you need assistance for ideas from a graphic designer. An experienced designer usually has a balanced sense of evaluating a project’s possibilities from both practical and creative perspectives.


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Important Sign Design Planning Tips

There’s never been just one correct way to make a business sign. While there are thousands of possibilities for design ideas, it’s usually productive to focus on basics that have worked in the past such as:

1. Keep the message simple – Don’t crowd the design with so many words that it’s hard to read. A logo, a slogan and a basic visual are often the components of a successful business sign. When you try to add more than that it can get busy and even look confusing.

2. Avoid excessive imagery – People tend to look away from rather than toward images that look like a complicated mess. A simple visual that can be perceived from a distance is the most effective presentation.

3. Use easy-to-read font – Some business owners spend too much time experimenting with fancy fonts only to eventually realize simple fonts work best. Just like with images, make sure the font is easy to read from far away.

4. Pick colors that work together – While sometimes contrasting colors can be effective at getting people’s attention, many times familiar popular color schemes work the best. Black and white work with every other color, so keep simplicity in mind for color selection.

5. Don’t make the sign look dull – If you just put plain black font on a background with no effort to add an artistic touch, the results might be what you’d expect. Not many people will be stimulated by the sign itself. Just because a sign should be basic doesn’t mean it should be completely uncreative.

6. Select an appropriate background – The background of a sign can be a geometric shape or something that relates to your brand. Then again, there’s nothing wrong with using a black or white background.

7. Add something unique to the design – There needs to be a careful balance between design simplicity and artistic considerations. It’s best to lean toward simplicity with a touch of creativity that adds character to the design.


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