In this digital and tech-centric era, people are always talking about digital advertisements and marketing. While that is a good thing, business persons should not overlook the impact of traditional marketing. This is crucial, especially if you own a brick-and-mortar business because you need your store to stand out among the hundreds of competitors in your local.

There is unmatched power in graphics and signage. If done right, that simple custom sign you have on your wall or outside your business store can make a huge sales impact. Custom signs are not only a cost-effective form of advertisement, but also, they provide you with a fast and flexible way to update marketing content that you wish to pass out there. They are easy to transport and set up not to forget that they are appealing.

Nonetheless, it takes more than designing and putting up signs to make the most from the idea. First, you have to establish your goals to guide you in making the right choices.

Less is More

Sale SignAs much as you want your shop to be noticeable from afar, simplicity goes a long way in marketing. A simple but well-designed sign is the best to grab passerby’s’ attention, keep the attention, and make a worthy impact. Simplicity is also the heart of designing a memorable sign. Complex graphics will only make the sign complicated and can easily distract readers from the important details. This beats the whole point of the custom signs.

When designing the signs, focus on the relevant aspects. Before adding an element on the sign, ask yourself if it is necessary. Moreover, always go for quality over quantity. Focus on a few elements that matter and focus on making them outstanding.

Pay Attention to the Colors

Color coding is everything in graphics and design. The way you play with the colors will significantly determine how people react to the advertisement. Take your time when selecting the right color palette to ensure that it complements the sign and its message. For example, if you are a food vendor, green is the right color to represent your brand. Also, the signage color should be different from the writings; otherwise, the message will be lost in the background.

Be Clear but Not too Subtle

You should not assume that just because your brand is straightforward, then everyone understands you. Proper marketing requires you to include everyone from the existing customers, prospects to the target audience who knows nothing about you. While the message on the custom signs should be simple and straightforward, it should not be too precise to analyze. This does not mean that you should be gaudy to be understood. You can use 3D lettering and lighting to make even the simplest message standout. The nature of the design used will determine if people will develop the urge to check the sign’s message. Make a visual impact and be creative with the design and watch things fall into place.

Brand the Custom Signs

The goal is to be different, and this is only achievable if your custom signs have your brand name or logo on them. You need viewers to recognize that the signage is yours the moment they lay their eyes on it. The signs need to reflect what your brand is all about without trying too hard to understand what you offer. While you cannot include every aspect of your brand on the signs, the color palette, font, tagline, and logo will be efficient to represent your identity.

Final Thoughts

Custom signs are a crucial element in a marketing campaign. However, results are only achievable by first understanding the fundamental principles of signage advertisement and implement them in signs design. It is also advisable that you entrust the task to experts and let them apply their skills and experience to help you make the most out of custom signs. Contact us for more information.