When I say the word “french fries,” more than likely, you probably think McDonald’s. If not, I guarantee if you surveyed passersby, McDonald’s would likely be the brand associated most with one of America’s favorite guilty pleasures. What’s my point? There’s a lot to be said about being a top-of-mind brand. In fact, there’s a lot of power behind being the go-to business that one thinks of when a need presents itself. 


What Does Top of Mind Mean in Business? 

Before we dive too deep, I first want to say that you don’t have to be as global as McDonald’s to be synonymous with something, let alone achieve top of mind acknowledgment. 

Being top of mind in business means that in your community, in the specific industry that you serve, you’re the first business that comes to mind when there a need is present. 

Case in point, it was the power of top of mind awareness that landed us on national television! Yes, you heard that right. A popular tv show called us, TNT Signs, to help a sinking business build up its brand awareness in the community by using custom vehicle wraps to communicate and cater to their local community. Watch the clip below:


The Power of Custom Vehicle Wraps in Santa Rosa.

More than likely, when you started your business, you started with the goal of providing a solution for a specific need. Brands that succeed in becoming a top-of-mind business that addresses the particular needs of consumers do so first by ensuring that the community they serve knows they exist. And, one of the most cost-effective ways a local business can build up its brand awareness is through custom wraps on vehicles. 

Custom wraps have the power to not only help consumers know your brand exists, but studies have shown that 95% of people have remembered branded graphics seen on vehicles more than any other business signage. Talk about top-of-mind awareness! 

Take TNT signs, for instance. We are a small business specializing in the growth and development of other companies through custom business signage. The solutions we provide can take the form in various ways; whatever the client needs to display, present, or build their brand, in whichever form that can potentially take, we have the solution for it! You can imagine the thrill we felt when a national television program called wanting to use our solutions to help aid a struggling business. 

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Partnering with TNT Signs

Being a top-of-mind brand requires focusing on the solutions you offer to your community, communicating to the consumer in every creative way you can, and being the best at what you have to offer. When a customer thinks of your business over your competitors, this is how you know you’ve achieved top-of-mind awareness!

If you’re looking for creative ways to develop top of mind awareness for your business/brand, I encourage you to reach out to us and see how we can help. We make working with us easy, and we have the solutions needed to make your business the first brand that comes to someone’s mind!