Truck LetteringTruck lettering is a great way to get exposure and if you’re searching for ways to improve your organization’s visibility and increase potential business then the key to achieving this would be to utilize effective advertising. Using vinyl vehicle lettering/ truck lettering would be the ideal way for you to market your organization.

In exploring the marketing methods that produce optimum results research conducted has shown that the typical company truck/van on the road providing services daily results in over 16 million visual impressions annually. These phenomenal figures definitely means that you’ll get noticed hence why truck lettering is so effective.

Things To Be Considered When Using Truck Lettering To Advertise

There are definitely a few important factors to consider when utilizing truck lettering as a way to effectively advertise. With truck lettering using larger fonts at least three inches or more is usually recommended as this ensures lettering is seen by all.

Additionally the use of white vinyl is also recommended since it naturally reflects the sun and best highlights lettering. As it relates to the use of a color scheme using a one that is of high contrast to the color of vehicles is also another essential requirement mainly because it better highlights information and proves captivating to the eye.

Keep information concise.Think about how much time a passing motorist would normally have to read a lengthy ad. Not much. So keeping format and information simple would be best solution. Critical information should include the organization’s name, a single advertising line of 4-5 words, phone number and/or a web address.

A Quick And Easy Process

Installation of truck lettering generally takes within 5-7 days from approval of artwork until vehicles are returned and is usually a quick and easy process. Using a dry method to apply vinyl  truck lettering doesn’t require the use of complicated equipment and takes a week or less to be completed.

Change The Game!

Here at SignServant we have some of the most talented professionals in the industry that can install very high quality truck lettering and graphics on your organization’s truck or van in a prompt and efficient manner. Our prompt service is conveniently structured so that vehicles don’t remain off the road for extensive periods. So be smart and invest in truck lettering today it will at a small cost provide a constant stream of advertising for your organization. Contact us for more information.