The best marketing is truly mobile whether you’re talking about local SEO and hooking up on-the-go customers with great restaurant suggestions or letting people know about local businesses through other means.

Car wrapper preparing yellow foil to wrap a vehicle

Vehicle Wraps: A Secret No Longer Under Wraps

Other means? Now, what do we mean with that one? We mean that a mobile vehicle wrap is one of the best kept secrets when it comes to reaching out to customers on the move and sustaining their attention long enough to ultimately make the sale.

  • Attention Grabbing

That’s no easy feat considering the average attention span is eight seconds. With everything going mobile (and quick!) these days you need to make your message short and sweet to be heard at all.

Vehicle wraps, fortunately, can check both boxes since they go where customers go and they allow businesses to share their brand and promotional offers within a matter of seconds.

That’s invaluable because a few seconds is all a given customer might have while waiting at a stop light or running out the door in the morning. Mobile vehicle wraps allow you to be at the right place on your customers’ time.

  • Incredibly Versatile

That might all sound too good to be believed but it’s true. Vehicle wraps can be slapped onto a fleet of company cars – or even the car that you have sitting in your driveway as you read this – to give those vehicles a second life as a promotional vehicle (so to speak) for hots promotions in particular and your growing business in general.

  • Durability and Exposure

At the same time that vehicle wraps are meeting potentially thousands of new customers every day as you and your employees go about their business, mobile vehicle wrap advertising is doing so with an eye towards your bottom line.

Vehicle wraps – because they’re made of extremely durable vinyl that’s weatherproofed against even the most punishing conditions – can last for well over five years even with heavy use.

  • Savings and Fresh Sales

On top of that, considering the low initial investment coupled with the amount of people that you can reach every day and the amount of wear and tear these wraps can stand up to, you’re talking about potentially thousands of curious customers.

This all adds up to perhaps tens or hundreds of thousands of people wanting to do business with your company every year as a direct byproduct of seeing your mobile vehicle wraps making the rounds. And that’s a whole lot of fresh opportunity funneling into your business.

Targeting Local Customers: Small Business Friendly

To get going as a business that’s regionally focused and with a staff of a few dozen employees it’s important to reach out to local customers.

Why? Because these customers are forming the foundation for your future success and spreading the kind of word of mouth that can make or break businesses over the long haul. Without reaching out to the people in your community how can any business develop and maintain its image and success? It’d be pretty difficult.

Vehicle wraps totally sidestep this issue by allowing you to develop long-range brand consistency that tells your customers you mean quality. Mobile vehicle wraps also allow you to whip up more short-term excitement for seasonal or annual promotions.

In other words, vehicle wraps show amazing ROI because of their resiliency and ability to reach mass numbers of people and, at the same time, wraps can function as both short- and long-term promotional devices. That’s a lot of uses considering that wraps only entail a one-time cost and effectively pay you back over their long lifetime. Contact us for an estimate.