Vehicle Wrap - Colorful And Bold Marketing Strategy TNT Signs and GraphicsFinding the best ways to market your business can be difficult. No matter what you’re trying to sell, you’re still competing against every other organization online and in town for your customer’s attention. One of the brightest, boldest and best ways to stand out in the crowd is with a vehicle wrap. Here’s why wrapping your car in the right group of colorful graphics can work wonders for your company’s marketing efforts:

A Vehicle Wrap Isn’t Disruptive

When a billboard breaks the skyline or a commercial interrupts a program, your company’s marketing is being disruptive to someone’s life. This can create a negative first impression before you have even gotten a chance to deliver your message. When this happens, people tune you out. A vehicle driving around town, however, is a natural part of the flow of people’s everyday lives. As a result, a person doesn’t feel disrupted when they see a vehicle wrap. In fact, it’s a person’s natural inclination to become curious about the strange graphics strewn across the side of a vehicle.

A Vehicle Wraps Has Wide-Reaching Visibility

The average American spends 20 hours per week in their car. That’s half of a full work week! This means that even if there were only a thousand people in your town, you’d still have 20,000 man hours worth of opportunities to get your company noticed via your colorful, bold vehicle wrap.

Vehicle wraps are even better at doing this than billboards. A billboard is static, relying solely on the chance that a passerby will glance up at it. A vehicle’s presence, on the other hand, is dynamic in nature. As a result, it is more likely to turn heads. Also, a vehicle can be in places where a billboard cannot be. For example, your vehicle wrap could capture a sales lead simply by driving past someone in the parking garage or in a residential neighborhood.

You aren’t just captivating unqualified leads either. Over a third of all households that make $75,000 plus are heavy commuters, meaning they drive a lot more than the average 20 hours per week. This means that many of those eyeballs that your vehicle wrap catches will be owned by people with the income needed to afford your company’s products and services, no matter what type of budget they can accommodate.

You Don’t Have to be Active When Using a Vehicle Wrap for Marketing

Although you can dynamically benefit from a vehicle wrap on your car by driving around town, you don’t have to do this. As long as your car is visible, you have an opportunity to capture a lead. This means that while your car is parked on the street — and you are sleeping — you can still catch people’s eyes.

Vehicle Wraps Have Long Lifespans

How much do you pay for a single commercial or billboard? How much is that investment worth to you after the commercial is over and your billboard is taken down? Nothing. A vehicle wrap maintains more marketing value for your company by lasting longer. A single vehicle wrap will last for years. This disparity in cost shows in the numbers. According to the Outdoor Advertising Association of America, a billboard costs nearly thirteen hundred percent more per impression than a vehicle wrap; this disparity skyrockets to over eight thousand percent more for TV and newspaper ads — mostly due to the stark difference in lifespans.

Maximize Your Marketing Potential with a Vehicle Wrap!

A vehicle wrap is a must-use tool for your company’s marketing campaign. Contact your local vehicle wrap production company today to get the perfect one for you.