Looking to ramp up your outreach for the holidays and compete with Santa’s sleigh? Vehicle wraps Santa Rosa are a way to give your vehicle a truly unique look that doesn’t break the bank and protects your vehicle against fading, scratches, and sun damage.

Add to Your Vehicle’s Resale Value 

Technicians applying yellow vehicle wrapIn that sense, vehicle wraps are adding to the resale value of your ride since you can later swap out or simply remove your vehicle wrap to reveal an unblemished paint job underneath.

That can be really helpful when you’re leasing a bunch of fleet vehicles because adding vehicle wraps Santa Rosa shouldn’t violate the terms of your lease – you should have a green light! – and keep things fresh.

Compared to a brand spankin’ new paint job, vehicle wraps should also cost considerable less.

What’s more, vehicle wraps can incorporate designs and graphics that are virtually impossible to reproduce with a custom paint job.

Maybe Bill Gates has enough money to reproduce these effects with a custom paint job, but without an almost bottomless budget it can’t be done.

Custom Finishes and Designs for Cars, Vans, and Trucks 

With vehicle wraps, you can hand-select your favorite finish (matte, gloss, semi-gloss, brushed steel, metallic, and the list goes on) and choose to cover your entire vehicle or simply a portion.

Vehicle wraps play nice with cars, vans, and trucks. You might well decide that a full vehicle wrap is just the ticket or you could choose to wrap the side panels and roof. Vehicle wraps are anything but a one-size-fits-all deal.

The best part about vehicle wraps might be that you’ll be protecting the underlying paint no matter where you decide to put your vehicle wraps Santa Rosa.

Moreover, if all hell breaks loose, for whatever reason, and part of your vehicle wrap gets damaged, you can affordably have that particular damaged area wrapped afresh without worrying about paint color matching or an expensive paint job for an entire panel.

The cool thing is that the utility of vehicle wraps extends beyond protecting a pristine paint job on a new vehicle in the sense that vehicle wraps can conceal pre-existing scratches and dings on, ahem, pre-owned vehicles as well.

Vehicle Wraps Capitalize on Best of Mobile Advertising 

Any way that you slice it, vehicle wraps are going to freshen up your ride and cause people to take notice. You might have to take out insurance for all of the whiplash from people double taking on the street.

All kidding aside, vehicle wraps Santa Rosa can literally deliver over a million ad impressions (views) annually since so many people will be seeing your vehicle wraps as your fleet vehicles make the rounds.

The secret sauce for this success has to do with the fact that vehicle wraps are arguably the most effective form of real-world mobile advertising and find customers without being annoying about it.

Similar to Digital 

Digital mobile advertising fundamentally owes its effectiveness to the fact that folks are spending more time on their smartphones than ever before, which sets the stage for digital mobile advertising to work its magic.

In a similar vein, real-world mobile advertising like vehicle wraps Santa Rosa is well-positioned to capture this on-the-go audience.

Americans spend, on average, more than three hours per day on their smartphones and tens of billions of driving hours trundling down the highways and byways of the United States. Hopefully they’re not doing both at the same time – don’t text and drive, folks!

Long story short, the beautiful thing about vehicle wraps Santa Rosa is that they go where the customers go without being super annoying.

Easy on the Eye 

Vehicle wraps – unlike radio and television advertisements that are frankly annoying and not infrequently feature breaking plates and honking car noises – are something that people enjoy since they add a splash of color to their otherwise mundane drives.

Think about it – when you see a vehicle wrap, doesn’t it pique your interest? It’s not something you necessarily see every day. Now, how do you feel about your favorite program quickly transitioning into an annoying advertisement? That should say it all right there.

Vehicle Wraps Santa Rosa Perfectly Positioned 

Vehicle wraps are literally well-positioned to take advantage of your local customer base since you’ll be seen in the community.

The fact is that vehicle wraps Santa Rosa cost-efficiently enhance the aesthetics of your vehicle with colorful designs and attractive finishes while providing the local advertising and outreach that your business needs to thrive during the holidays and beyond. Contact us for more information.