Truck decals are becoming a must-have for truck owners of all stripes. Commercial truck owners can use truck decals to quickly identify different fleet vehicles and advertise your business on the go, absolutely, but truck decals go beyond that.

Provides Branding and Contact Information 

Red Truck travelling down roadDecals can put a friendly face out to the public and provide customers with the valuable contact information that they’ll need in order to connect with your business.

Then again, truck decals are just plain fun and can be used to spruce up any ride. Unlike other forms of advertising where you’re hobbled by too few choices, creating decals is a very open-ended creative process.

Since truck decals use vector graphics, which can be resized without losing clarity, and resilient vinyl as a medium, you can print virtually any design in any style that you need.

Truck Decals Work for Virtually All Trucks 

Truck decals work for all kinds of trucks as well – pickup trucks, fleet vehicles, and semi trucks thanks to all of the different sizes and materials on offer.

You might be reading this and thinking that there’s no way that you could put one of these decals on your pickup truck because that would block out the rear view. New kinds of materials make that less on a concern. To explain…

Perforated Vinyl Decals 

Vinyl decals now come in perforated styles that allow truck owners to see out the back of their vehicles. That means that you can keep full visibility and advertise your business (or favorite sports team!) out the window without fear of sacrificing style for safety.

In fact, perforated truck decals enhance the style of your ride without sacrificing your privacy. Perforated truck decals feature small holes and a perforated background. Small holes are made in the vinyl background that let you see out without letting others see in.

Your image is printed directly onto the perforated vinyl substrate with UV-resistant inks. You’ll still get thousands of color combinations and an unlimited amount of design options because any brand can be brought to life with vector graphics.

Unlike screen printing, digitally printing with vector graphics on vinyl is a process with a quicker turnaround than screen printing. In literally a matter of days, you could have perforated vinyl truck decals for the rear window of your pickup truck or fleet vehicle.

Opaque Vinyl Decals 

Opaque decals can be stunning thanks to the UV-resistant inks that are used and the vinyl medium that’s used.

These kinds of truck decals are probably best for side panels – even though many opaque decals are cut-to-shape, they still obscure the view more than perforated truck decals.

Truck Lettering Still Great 

Truck lettering is, as they say, an oldie but a goodie. If you’re simply trying to convey a short message, like your business’s contact information, or get a quick message across, then you might simply want to go with car or truck lettering.

Truck lettering still comes in over three dozen colors, so you might not be sacrificing anything if your message primarily consists of text rather than an elaborate design.

Because of the simplicity and discreteness of truck lettering, you can use it on virtually every surface of your truck, including on a few different windows (maybe not adventurously splashed across the windshield!), side and door panels, and other painted surfaces.

Online Design Tools and Vector Graphics 

Whichever style of truck decal you decide upon – perforated, opaque, or simply truck lettering – you’ll have access to the same online design tools that give you access to dozens of fonts and many different templates.

Vector artwork tends to work best for designs that need to be translated into perforated or opaque vinyl truck decals. Vector graphics, like EPS and PDF files, are better than raster graphics for resizing.

To find out how you can turn your designs and ideas into attractive vinyl truck decals, get in touch today. No previous design experience is required in order to get amazing vinyl decals! Contact us for more information.