Think how often someone in your car looks at a new restaurant’s sign and says, “We should try that place sometime!” Judging from the font, colors, and aesthetics of that restaurant signage, you can probably guess the price range and some of the menu offerings. A picture is worth a thousand words, and custom business signs convey an entire story.

Signs that You Need a New Custom Business Sign

Custom Business Signs

Here are some not-so-obvious clues that your signage is giving people the wrong impression:

  • People walk into your business looking confused or surprised
  • Customers balk at your prices
  • You have longstanding, repeat customers but few new ones
  • You aren’t getting the clientele you expect

Back to the restaurant example, there’s a strong market for both fast-casual restaurants and fine dining. Custom business signs indicate to the everyone in Santa Rosa what you have to offer.

Color Psychology in Signage

People respond strongly to specific colors, even if it’s only subconscious. People feel comforted by blue. Green plays well with innovation and creativity (not to mention natural and eco-friendly products). Red can inspire a small amount of panic which can be converted into impulse sale shopping.

Look at some research on color psychology to dig deeper, even if you don’t want to overhaul your color scheme. You can use the effects of color as eye-catching accents on signs that say things like “new and improved” or “limited time offer,” for example.

Choosing Fonts for Marketing Purposes

In general, fancier fonts indicate a premium product. Use a font with serifs and slightly unusual style to imply that your brand offers artisan-quality goods or expert professional services. Sans serif fonts look more casual and can show that your product or service is fast, affordable, and approachable.

Legibility is paramount, though. Be wary of cursive scripts or Old English lettering. These can work for your primary logo if people around Santa Rosa already know what your business is. For other text on your custom business signs, use fonts that are easily read from a distance.

Updating and Rebranding with Custom Business Signs

If you’re rebranding or at least redesigning your logos, you have an excellent opportunity to go heavy with custom business signs. Ditto for dilapidated or faded signage. If people driving by see a sign from the ‘90s, it looks like whatever you sell has gotten stale, too.

Once you have carefully chosen a new logo and style, make it highly visible. In addition to a new storefront sign, you can hang vinyl banners in the window or near the street and swap-out smaller signage near point-of-sale and throughout the building. Use new custom business signs to immerse your audience with the new look!

High-Quality Custom Business Signs Attract Customers

Good signs don’t just get you seen. They make customers curious and excited. Think about reaching the right customers with custom business signs in a variety of sizes and placements.

Extend your marketing impact with indoor and outdoor signage featuring a cohesive, tailored look. People will notice you more and build a feeling of familiarity faster with brand-building custom business signs:

  • Building signs
  • Architectural signs
  • Cast metal letters
  • Directory and way finder signs
  • Vinyl banners
  • Standees (life-size cutouts)
  • Vehicle decals

Whatever you do, don’t settle for generic or templated designs and forgettable signage. Custom business signs are not an expense, they’re an investment in your brand. Explore our site and contact us to discuss your options for custom signs in Santa Rosa, CA.