Custom signs, banners and decals all have one thing in common: They can get people through the door, because small businesses don’t always have the most recognized brand yet, popping a vibrant vinyl sign out front tells customers that you’re serious and seriously interested in their business.

Different Kinds of Consumers? No Problem!

Custom Signs

There are a few different kinds of customers that might come into your Santa Rosa location. There are people who are looking for a deal, people who are looking to pass the time, people who want directions to your place and people who might even need your services but not know how to stay in touch.

  • The Curious George Consumer

One group of consumers is curious about a lot of different things in their environment. If they see an attention-grabbing sign, sure they’ll stop by for ten or twenty minutes and check things out. This is the person whose eyes are darting from one thing to another and will definitely stop for something that catches their attention.

FedEx, the shipping giant, ran a survey on the effectiveness of signs and found that 76% of consumers went into a store that they’d never visited before based exclusively on an eye-catching sign. Another 75% of consumers told other people about a business based only on a sign. That’s the kind of word-of-mouth that can seriously benefit a small business.

  • The Deal Hound

Another kind of consumer has done some, but not a great deal of research. They’re on the lookout for a great deal. An unmissable deal.

You can rope in these kinds of customers by getting a custom sign that advertises a one-time deal, or maybe a holiday special deal that can be reused for years to come. This kind of person – sniffing around for a great deal, if you will – will definitely stop if you make them the right kind of offer.

  • The Are-you-open? Person

A broader group of consumers than the previous two would be people who need some directions to your place. Custom signs can put your brand front and center while letting customers know how they can conveniently find your location.

If you know, for instance, that a certain area is high-traffic or confusing for people to get to, then you should really consider a custom sign that makes it easier for customers. Directional signs pointing the way for parking or a sign that simply tells people when you’re open can lead to a lot more people stopping by your Santa Rosa location, especially if those people are just looking to pass the time.

  • The Double-taking Driver

The last groups of potential customers that you’re going to want to attract are ones that you might not even have considered up until now. People driving to and from work normally aren’t thought of as potential customers at all, but custom car and custom truck decals can be used to market your business and let fellow drivers as well as pedestrians know the best way to get in touch.

There are a lot of people out there who would actually benefit from finding out about your company, but they simply don’t know that you exist. They might have an issue that they need taken care of or have some free time to kill on the weekend: Let these people know about your business with custom car and custom truck decals.

Custom truck decals can be personalized around your logo, give consumers the information they need and be as big or discretely no-nonsense as you’d like. Car and truck decals are great for vehicle fleets and delivery trucks.

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