Some people seem to think that the only way a business can promote its online platforms is through digital marketing.  This is farther from the truth and we’re here to tell you that traditional forms of marketing such as vinyl truck lettering can market you website, Facebook or LinkedIn pages just as effectively. Their design focuses on the systematic creation of effective advertising through the careful application of basic design guidelines.

The use of vinyl truck lettering has a key role to play in increasing brand awareness. Vinyl lettering is commonly used for advertising and promotion, messaging, business information security, art model display, and letter application. Several businesses operating in the Santa Rosa area have benefited from strategic truck lettering.  If you own a company truck or operate in the trucking industry you might find this method quite useful to use in your next marketing campaign.

Pre-spaced Truck Lettering

female holding digital graph showing increase in online trafficVinyl truck lettering can be used by businesses in any industry and are available in any color, style and shape. The layering of the vinyl sheet on your vehicle is an easy process and our assigned technician will communicate with you on the design and where you would like your vinyl wrap placed on the vehicle.

The placement area must be clean so as to avoid bubble or wrinkles underneath letters during the application process.  Vinyl cut lettering and numbers are pre-spaced and held in position to transfer tape and backing paper. One of the most common types of vinyl lettering application is simply peeling and gluing. The letters are produced  individually cut but they are defined by a wax chimney. This means that you can paste the letters all at once.

Making the Grade: Standard, Premium, and Reflective

The most popular categories of vinyl lettering are:

Standard category use the same content as most other vinyl products, except solvents. It is classic and quite durable. This product is recommended for walls, windows or similar types.

Premium category is involved in the production process by adding ingredients at a certain speed for a predetermined time. The quality is determined by the casting sheet presenting a relaxed state and this allows better conformity from the material. Recommended for vehicles, ships and fleets.

Reflective category is a vinyl of engineering scale. It is quite stable and in accordance with the creepy curves. Recommended for vehicles, service fleets and security letters.

Works for business and everybody else!

Vinyl truck lettering is a great way to give your business or environment a fresh and non-competitive look. Simply applying them reduces labor costs and allows you to have different alternatives and simpler DIY methods for different decorations.

In an effort to reduce our global footprint we encourage the use of ecofriendly materials. This is why we conduct the necessary research to come with innovative products and by products that will not negatively impact the environment. We at TNT Signs and Graphics aim to create marketing strategies aimed at improving product visibility without polluting the environment. If you’re looking for the best in Santa Rosa contact us for more information.