Truck decals can be anything you want—not just flames and skulls. Although flames and skulls are pretty cool. If your business has work trucks or other fleet vehicles, think of them as a blank canvas ready to advertise.

Simple vinyl lettering is another great option. But if you want to go big, consider these truck decal ideas that look sharp and make an impact.

Make it Personal

Truck Decals

Start with a family photograph or a picture of your dogs. Everyone’s eyes will be naturally drawn to truck decals that feature faces or puppies. It’s like magic.

This works very well for companies like HVAC repair, carpet cleaning, or pest control. Your truck graphics literally put a face to a name, and people are more likely to trust your business.

Just make sure to leave some blank space or a light-colored backdrop where you can add the business name, phone number, and website. Use high contrast for the font color and background. You don’t want the photo imagery to make things illegible.

Leave Something to the Imagination

A lot of the most brilliant advertising uses a “less is more” approach. Let’s say you do construction, demolition, excavation, and a dozen other jobs. You could list all your services, but then you’d have a truck covered in text. You could provide six ways to contact you, but few people are going to write down or remember your email address.

Consider using simple truck decals instead. One or two colors. A simple logo. And just the name of the business.

Truck decals benefit your business by increasing name awareness. It’s easier for people to remember your name when the vehicle graphics aren’t too “busy.” Fleet vehicles can also look more official and professional when there’s just a logo and name.

Make Them Do a Double-Take

Think of those funny car stickers that look like bullet holes or torn metal. Probably not what you want for your business, but the effect certainly does turn heads.

Truck decals let you add visual appeal with texture and 3D effects. Pool cleaners often have crystal blue waters as a full vehicle wrap. Hard-working trucks might have mud decals, splattered paint, a cross-section of dirt and grass, or whatever applies to the business.

Get people to look, and look again, and they’re more likely to remember your brand!

Show Off Your Work

Do you work in a competitive industry? Go ahead and show people the quality of your work. Whether it’s a beautiful home you’ve built or a delicious cake you baked, allow the imagery to tell the story. Just be sure to start with a high-resolution photograph!

Custom Truck Decals, Wraps, and Lettering

Once you’ve put together your favorite ideas for truck decals, get them made and applied professionally by a sign shop that specializes in vehicle graphics. High-quality auto decals look fresh and new for longer, they’re easier to clean, and they stand up to rain and dirt.

Contact us to learn more about custom auto decals from a Santa Rosa sign shop with more than 30 years of experience!