In this gig economy there’s more and more emphasis on what you can do for consumers right now. It’s about solving problems and letting your customers know why you’re the best person to help them. In a sense, your company really is being “hired” by a customer each time he or she makes a purchase. The question then becomes, what can you do to make sure that hiring connection takes place more times than not? And how can intelligently branded signage displayed as custom signs, banners or window decals enable you to reach out to customers more effectively?

You’re obviously shooting for both breadth and depth of impact: You want to reach the most customers and affect their lives deeply for the better.

Branding with Signs and Getting Hired


A recent Entrepreneur article talked about the ways that you can get your brand hired by more customers. The fact of the matter is that today’s customers are, at least initially, using your company to get a job done (even if that’s just having fun!) and improve their lives in some tangible way.

In that sense, a company that constantly improves customers’ lives get rehired repeatedly and a company that drops the ball one too many times get fired quicker than a guest on The Apprentice. Today, the main difference between those who get hired and fired is the degree to which companies align with customers’ problems. How well can you solve the problem?

Branding with Banner Printing?

Your goals as a company are going to change as the years evolve into decades, and your customers certainly change. Some people move away, others move in, and all of your customers’ needs change.

When you’re using banner printing to put your best branding foot forward really think deeply about what your customers are currently struggling with, why they’re struggling, and how you can help.

This could all be as simple as: You own a winery and you know that people are bored on Saturday afternoon (problem). Would a wine-tasting tour solve their problem? For a good chunk of your potential customers, absolutely. So, brand accordingly.

Banner printing can allow your company the chance to quickly convey how your products and services align with your customers’ current issues and help them arrive at a solution.

To carry over the winery example, another problem that people could have is that they think a winery could be too far out in the sticks or it might be too hot that day.

So, how do you solve that problem? With custom banner printing you can assure customers that your winery is close (“15 minutes from downtown!”) and that they won’t be too hot to enjoy the day (“air conditioning throughout the tour”).

More big picture, banner printing helps you compete more effectively against other businesses vying for the same customers.

How? Banner printing allows you to persuasively tell customers why choosing your company is the best choice. You might have a better product, a more unique service, a more personable customer service experience, or just offer a better place to hang out.

No matter what your selling point is, banner printing can help you convey it in as little time as possible. Your future customers might only have a few seconds as they walk or drive to work to glance at your banner.

Stunningly detailed vinyl banner printing can make those seconds count and let customers know why you’re the best person to help solve their issues. Banner printing really embodies what’s best about branding: customizable, effective, cost efficient, vibrantly colored, and engaging. Contact us for more information.