Every business that gets its revenue streams from the public needs visibility in the physical market, not just in cyberspace. Getting your brand name and message out to the public can be achieved through low cost campaigns such as making and distributing decals and stickers. You might also look into banners because they’re portable and easy to set up. The great thing about these small promotional items is people either as collectors or promoters of your brand actually want them.


Custom set of retro badge and labels.


Marketing Value of Decals and Stickers

For many people the terms “decals” and “stickers” are synonyms. Printers commonly view a decal as having broader meaning for the same concept of a design attached to special paper or plastic that displays as a mini-billboard on an object or window. Stickers are much the same thing but often thought of as “bumper stickers” or “window stickers” on cars, depending on the surface for which the sticker is designed.

Investing in these items can go a long way. Last century radio stations commonly promoted themselves with bumper and window stickers. Many times they did trade deals with sponsors who paid for the stickers to promote their brand alongside the station logo. Stations then gave the stickers away free throughout their community of listeners during promotions. The same concept still works today, although it’s often overlooked.

Large companies like to saturate markets with decals, whereas if you run a small business that only needs to reach hundreds of customers to be profitable, you don’t have to worry about blanketing your market. You simply need to print up a limited number of decals and try to distribute them to your most loyal promoters within your existing base. They will promote your brand from there.

Another strategy is to print 200-500 stickers and give them away as prizes. You can stage your own events or make a deal with another promoter to include your stickers as part of their packages. Either strategy maximizes the marketing value of the display. It reduces the likelihood decals and stickers will go to waste. For maximum exposure, consider vehicle displays.

Using Your Creativity to Customize

The best way to stand out in a crowded environment full ofmarketing messages is to be creative without overdoing it. In other words, the design should be easy to read from far away. So it needs to be simple and attractive rather than an elaborate masterpiece of art. Readily understood messages work the best in the world of logos everywhere you turn. Usually a logo with a positioning statement and a nice design is all you need to customize a captivating display on a moving vehicle.Ice cream cones and chocolate bars displayed on custom sign

Keeping your design simple does not mean make it look bland and boring. It’s advantageous to use colors with tints that match the emotion of your business. Entertainment companies, for example, often use bright colors while more serious organizations commonly stick with basic black on white or white on black designs. Choosing simple shapes for backgrounds can make the brand name stand out more. The main point to remember about customization is that the combination of practicality and creativity can make a decal or sticker memorable.


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TNT Signs in San Jose Has Your Covered

It’s best for small businesses to explore other more economical ways to gain market visibility such as through the distribution of decals and stickers. Consider these marketing vehicles as useful for building name recognition for your brand on a local level.  Contact TNT Signs to learn more about building your brand with print displays.