Mobile advertising like car stickers in Santa Rosa is really extraordinary if you stop and think about it. With car stickers Santa Rosa you can cost-efficiently have customers do the heavy lifting when it comes to toting your message around town. It used to be that you would have to pay someone to wear that two-sided cardboard on the street corner!

Then again, car stickers also work well for supporting a cause that you’re passionate about or allowing you to humble brag a bit about, say, your kid’s sports team or recent academic accomplishments. That car stickers can do all of these things is a testament to their versatility. Few other forms of advertising come close.

While there’s, indeed, a tremendous amount of flexibility when it comes to the size, features, colors, and materials used in your car stickers, there are a few best practices when it comes to applying most car stickers. It all starts with a clean surface and knowing how to deal with transfer tape.

Find a Clean Surface for the Best Car Stickers Santa Rosa

Technician cleaning car surface with a blue clothThe first step to getting an awesome car sticker in place is cleaning the surface where you want your car sticker Santa Rosa to go. Car stickers in Santa Rosa are versatile in that they can be applied to glass, bumpers, and side panels of your vehicle. The important thing is to have an immaculate surface to start with.

You can get there by using a mix of soap and water as your cleaning solution. Window cleaners are discouraged for preparing the surface because those can leave behind a nasty film that prevents your car stickers adhesive from ultimately getting a tight enough hold on the window or whatever surface you’re applying your sticker(s) to.

If you’re having trouble getting the surface clean enough, then you can try using more soap in the solution – a 50/50 mix of water and soap is usually recommended initially – or even a small amount of rubbing alcohol to pull out grime. Once you’ve removed the grime, go ahead and rinse away your solution with water.

Apply Under Right Conditions 

Car stickers are most easily applied in moderate temperatures – neither too cold nor too hot and away from direct sunlight. Most evenings in Santa Rosa would be fine since the adhesive on car stickers will stick best initially with temperatures of between 55 degrees and 90 degrees. Look for a shady spot and a day that isn’t too muggy (high humidity).

Once you have your surface nice and dry – perhaps with the help of a microfiber cloth for removing water and dust after washing – you’re probably ready to move on to getting your sticker in place. You might want to consider using masking tape to get your car stickers Santa Rosa in the perfect spot.

Apply masking tape to the top of your car stickers Santa Rosa so that it will stay in the desired location and not slosh around during application. From there, you can use a squeegee (best option) or credit card (still pretty good option) to smoothly press down the backing starting from the center and working out towards each each of your car stickers Santa Rosa.

Carefully Remove the Backing Paper 

As long as you’ve cleaned the surface properly and pressed down the backing properly, removing the backing paper shouldn’t be too hard. You’ll want to slowly slowly remove the backing paper and use a knife to press down any parts that creep up as you remove the backing.

Pulling your car stickers off at a slight angle is the best way to get off the backing paper without damaging the sticker itself. The more careful you are, the less likely your car stickers Santa Rosa will be marred by air bubbles and more likely they’ll be firmly adhering at the right spot. When applied properly, car stickers are advertising powerhouses and a great way to get the word out. Contact us for more information.