Retractable banners have become a mainstay at trade shows, restaurants, and universities because they look great and they’re portable and affordable. A retractable banner lets you customize your message and bring that message home in vibrantly colored yet durable vinyl. For ease of use and flexibility these custom signs are hard to beat. The best part of owning a vinyl retractable banner might be the peace of mind in knowing that it should last a long time.

Ideal for Bringing Your Message on the Road 

Custom Signs

Retractable banners can be safely stowed away into an aluminum base and then carried out of a trade show in a nice nylon case for extra protection.

Whether you need your message to travel to a sports stadium, retail location, or your next fundraiser a custom retractable banner is definitely a way to get noticed quickly.

Retractable banners have a lightweight aluminum base that retracts and an aluminum support pole that keeps your message front and center for your audience.

A swivel kickstand in back also discretely holds everything in place and works to support your message. And when you’re done with your retractable banner there’s very little work left for you to do. If the bottom of your retractable banner is unfastened then it should roll up by itself.

Changing out one banner for another is easy as well, which means that the same base can do double duty at different stages of a trade show or business presentation.

Flexi and Pole Stands for Banners 

Flexi banner stands are considered flexible in that you can make your entire message fit in one vertical panel or piece together multiple panels to create a horizontal mosaic of related panels.

Attention-grabbing graphics plus a series of horizontal banners that tell a story or showcase a new product are ready-made for retail.

You’ve probably seen horizontal banners pieced together with flexi stands at airports if you’ve traveled recently. It’s a very low maintenance way to grab people’s attention with striking visuals and great for announcing new constructions or grand openings.

Pole Stands 

Pole stands are more suited to larger vertical banners, yet they can be used both indoors and outdoors. You could have spotted a banner held up by pole stands at a corporate headquarters or car dealership’s showroom.

Pole stands are freestanding and allow your banner to stay in place with the help of interlocking poles, grommets, and discrete plastic rails.

Vinyl banners – whether supported by flexi stands, pole stands, or grommets and placed in front of your store – are made with high-strength PVC and can be single- or double-sided.

All the Benefits of Custom Signs 

Retractable banners provide you with all of the benefits of custom signs plus the added benefit of greater portability, safer storage, and simpler ease of use.

Instead of grommets or needing to shore up space in your store you can just pop a custom retractable banner in your car and be on your way to the next trade show or fundraiser.

Once you arrive you can set your banner up in a matter of minutes, or seconds if you’ve done this all before.

Although you can get a retractable banner that’s six feet or longer vertically, it all rolls up automatically in the end so there’s no fuss.

You can even have graphics on both sides to switch up the message halfway through a trade show or at a different part of a presentation.

It’s hard to find another advertising medium in the custom signs world that’s as versatile, portable, affordable, or has a smaller footprint than retractable banners.  Contact us for more information.