Signs play a number of roles in your sales funnel and in converting potential customers into paying ones. They do more than provide information or directions, although the main purpose of many signs is to do just that. However, your signs can do more than their primary purpose, especially if designed correctly.

This is why designing custom business signs is so important. If the sign isn’t properly laid out or the right elements aren’t used, it can fail at both its intended purpose and at promoting your brand. It takes some investment of time and money in order to create amazing signs. Some people aren’t quite willing to invest that much. However, once you know the reasons why custom business signs are worth it, you’ll see that you actually get a very good return on your investment. Here are some of these reasons and how TNT Signs can maximize your return.

Custom Business Signs Stand Out

One of the main reasons why custom business signs are worth the investment is because they make you stand out. They look different from basic signs or from signs your competitors have. Your custom signs will feature your branding, help create the unique atmosphere you want for your store or office, and provide your customers with the information they need. They won’t look like any sign someone has seen elsewhere.

There are a few elements that help make a sign stand out. The first is your company name or logo. In some cases, you’ll want both of these elements on your sign. If you’re using the sign for marketing, for example, you want to be sure people know the name of your business. You may even want to include your location, website, and phone information. For signs inside your store, though, you may not even need your business name. A small company logo at the top or in the corner is enough to brand the sign while leaving plenty of space for information.

Font and color are two more elements that help make your signs stand out. You want to use fonts and colors that you’ve used in other materials so everything feels cohesive. If you’ve used royal blue in a lot of your marketing, on your letterhead, and in other places, continue using it on signs. You may not want your font to be in this color, but you could add a border around the sign in royal blue, do your logo in it, or use it for the background. It all depends on what you want the final product to look like. 

Creating these unique signs does take some time, and you will need to put some planning into it. It’s easy to design signs that stand out for the wrong reasons. They could have too many conflicting colors, too many fonts, or just too much of everything. Crowded signs will make people take note, but it will usually be because they look horrible or are unreadable.

Custom Business Signs Say What You Want Them to Say

It’s easy enough to buy basic, mass-produced signs that say things like “Restrooms” and “Cashiers” with arrows on them. These basic signs will get the job done, but they don’t say anything about your business. These signs also aren’t available to advertise your specific brand or the products/services you offer. For all of that, you need a custom sign. You can create custom signs that promote your services or that draw attention to one specific product. You can be much more specific about what you’re promoting, especially if you have a product/service that is similar to those of your competitors but differs in a few key ways. You want to get those differences and their benefits in front of your customers, and a custom sign or banner is a great way of doing that.

You may have specific signage needs that other businesses don’t have. If you’re a florist, you may need specific signs for different types of plants, some of which even other flower shops don’t offer. There are many niche industries and businesses that need signs that aren’t mass-produced. 

Even if you can buy basic signs, why would you? Those signs won’t have your branding or name on them. They will look very bland and do nothing to add to the look and feel of your space. These signs also tend to be made out of average or low-grade materials, so they may not even last that long. 

Custom Signs Help Promote Your Business

Generic signs are useless at promoting your business because they don’t have any of your branding on them. You can’t use them at events or put them outdoors near your store or office. For any type of marketing, you’ve got to use custom signs. 

Here, again, you need to be sure your custom signs are designed correctly. You want them to stand out, be easy to read, and be different from signs used by competitors and even other businesses. You’ll need to do some research to see what competitors are doing. You’ll also want to look around your street to make sure your sign design can’t easily be mistaken for another business. You want to stand out. 

Why Not Print Your Own?

Some business owners, especially new owners who have very little startup capital, will simply print their own signs. However, there are a couple of problems here. First, most people don’t have access to a printer that can print on strong materials. The heaviest medium a basic desktop printer can do is heavy cardstock, and that’s not going to work that well. Yes, it can be a good solution if you need to put a sign on the door saying that you had to close early for an emergency, but it’s not a good option for signs that will hang from the ceiling or be put outdoors. You may also be limited to black and white if you don’t have access to a color printer.

These signs simply aren’t made from durable material. They also can’t be much larger than a standard sheet of paper. You may be able to go up to legal size, but after that, you’re left trying to split a large sign across multiple sheets of cardstock that you then tape together. The end result just doesn’t look good, and it can be very difficult to hang anywhere except flat against the wall.

A custom sign can be created on a wide range of materials and done in any number of shapes and sizes. These signs can be weather-proof for outdoor use, printed double-sided to hang over aisles, and much more. In the case of oversized signs, the team here at TNT Signs can even install them for you so they’re attached safely to the wall or side of the building. 

Printing your own quick and simple signs can be fine as a placeholder or when you need to post information quickly, but it’s not a solution for signage that you plan on having long-term. They’re too flimsy and have too many limitations on size, color, and shape. Even if a paper sign does work, you’ll need to replace it often.

The Best Way to Create Custom Signs

The best way to create amazing custom signs that also give you a great return on investment is to work with an expert. If you’re a small business owner, you may not have time to design signs yourself. You may also not have the experience. Designing great signs is a skill that has to be learned. Some people have a good knack for matching fonts and colors. Others have studied typography and graphic design. 

If you don’t have this skill, what can you do? If you have the budget and the need, you can hire a graphic designer. However, many small businesses can’t afford to do this right away. The downside is that you typically need custom signs, banners, and other promotional materials when or even before you launch your business. You can’t wait.

One solution is to work with TNT Signs. We have a team of designers who can help take your ideas and create amazing signs and other promotional items from them. Give us all of the elements you need on the sign, and we’ll put them together for you. Once you approve them, we’ll print them for you. If you have designed your own signs or have a designer on your staff, all you have to do is send over the files. 

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