As a business owner, you know how important it is to regularly refresh your marketing. You’ll have new products or services you want to market to your customers, plus you may have new photos and other content you want to share. Part of your marketing campaign includes the signs you have in your store and in other areas. Spring is the perfect time to give these custom signs an update so they look fresh and catch people’s eyes. Here are a few reasons why you need to change these signs regularly and why spring is the right time to do so.


New Signs Get Noticed


While your current signs may look great, they may also have started to fade into the background for those who see them all the time. Once people see something in the same place several times, their eyes may start to slide right over it. They expect it to be there, so they no longer take as much notice of it as they once did. Put a new sign in its place, especially if that sign is visually very different, and people will take note of it once again.


Spring is a good time to do this because people are more likely to be out and about again. During the late fall and winter, especially in areas that are very cold, people don’t really take the time to look at things. They want to spend as little time outdoors as possible. If there’s strong wind or any kind of precipitation, they likely have their heads down to help shield their face. No one is spending time looking at signs, especially signs they’ve seen before.


In the spring, though, people are more relaxed. They’re taking time to enjoy the nice weather and walk more leisurely. They are looking around at the flowers and the new life of spring. This means they’re likely to see your signs, especially if those signs are brightly colored or have a graphic on them that really stands out.


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You’re Already Doing Some Spring Cleaning


Spring cleaning isn’t just for the home—many businesses do a yearly or even semi-yearly cleaning to get rid of old advertising materials, packaging, displays, and even products. If you do that in the spring, why not go ahead and switch up your signage so you can toss the old stuff? Otherwise, you may end up storing those old signs for months until you can get rid of them. That may not be the case if you have a small number of signs and can put them straight into your dumpster. If you have a large number of signs or very large signs that you’re switching out, you may not have space in the dumpster.


Getting rid of those signs now while you’re already bringing in another dumpster or have contracted with a junk hauling service means you’re not storing trash for months or a year. This will also help make your store or office feel fully refreshed. You’ll have new signage and less clutter, making everything feel reinvigorated.


Spring is a Great Time to Kick Off a New Marketing Campaign


People think of spring as the time of renewal and rebirth. Everyone is getting out and doing things, so it’s the perfect time to do something new with your marketing. Switching up your signs will give your store a new look, just like the new look that’s going on outside with leafing trees and blooming flowers. Your new custom signs can make your store look and feel different, which can inspire people to buy new products or try new things.




Change Up the Colors


During the fall and winter months, you may have brought darker, richer colors into your store. Many businesses bring in reds, browns, oranges, and yellows for the fall, then change to red and green for the holiday season. During January, you might use white and icy blues, while February is back to reds for Valentine’s Day. Now that spring is here, it’s time to bring in brighter colors. Think of the beach or the vibrant blue sky and incorporate those colors into your new signage.


Have you been using signs that are mostly black and white? While these signs can convey messages, they’re not always that noticeable. It’s possible your customers won’t even see them, especially if they’re fairly small. Spring is a great time to replace these basic signs with bright, fun, full-color signs. They will stand out and grab people’s attention!


You May Have New Inventory


Many businesses bring in new inventory during the spring. If you sell clothing, for example, you’re going to start swapping out sweaters and heavy coats for swimsuits and shorts. You can update your signage to reflect these products. If your signs are used to direct people, you’ll want to be sure they can find the things they’re looking for now, such as items for the pool, camping equipment, and other outdoor things. You may have new products hitting the shelves, too, that you really want to advertise. New signs can help direct customers to those items you want to heavily promote.




Exterior Signs May Need Repairs


Harsh winters can take their toll on exterior signs, and you may have had to pull one or two of them down due to damage. As a part of your spring cleaning, now is a good time to take a look at all of your signage and see if any of it is damaged or is starting to show its age. Instead of replacing them with identical signs, take the time to come up with a design that fits the spring and summer seasons. These signs will get more attention now. Later, once the temperature starts to cool down, you can put up new signs for the winter.


It’s a Great Time to Add New Signs

Custom Vinyl Banner

Spring is also a good time to evaluate your signage. Do you have signs for everything you need? Are you using signs to advertise to those outside of your store as well as the people inside? Do you have signs that direct people to the right products or sections of your store? Maybe you’ve just rearranged some shelving and need to update those signs, or maybe you’ve added a new section and need a new sign for it. Now is a great time to take inventory of your signs and see if they’re actually working for you.


Have you ever looked at the signs in your store window or on the front of the building in context? Go outside and walk across the street. What does your storefront look like in comparison to your neighbors? Is there anything on the street that is going to pull the focus away from your advertising? If so, what can you do about that? You may notice that your signs are very similar in color to others on the street. In that case, you may want to change things up so you stand out. You don’t want your marketing materials blending in with others in the same area.




What About Quality?


Are your signs good quality? Have they survived multiple years and held up during harsh weather, or have you replaced them several times? If you’ve had to replace your signs many times, this spring may be the perfect time to invest in high-quality, durable signage. If you continue using signs made from cheap materials, you’ll likely end up spending much more than if you invested in quality signage. Take a look at the price difference, then look at how much you’ve spent on replacing poorly made signs. You may have already spent more than it would take to create a set of high-quality, long-lasting custom signs and banners.


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When you partner with a professional printing company for your signs, banners, and other items, you want to make certain that partner is going to deliver. TNT Signs uses only the highest quality inks and vinyl for all of our signs. They will withstand high winds, rain, snow, and ice as well as direct sunlight. They won’t fade or tear, so you can use them for years. Our team of designers will help you perfect your design before printing, so you’ll get perfect signs that will convey the exact message you want. We will work within your budget, too.

In addition to printing custom signs and banners, we can also help you design and print stickers and decals. Need a display for your next trade show or for the front of your store? We can help you with that, too. We even do vehicle wraps, so you can turn your car or company delivery van into a mobile billboard. Whether you need a few new signs or want to create a full line of branded stickers, banners, and car wraps, TNT Signs is here for you. Reach out today to learn more about our products and to get answers to any questions you may have.