Wrapping your commercial vehicles has many benefits. In fact, this is becoming one of the more popular methods of advertising today because it’s cost-effective and has been shown to get your brand in front of a large number of potential customers. That’s not to say there aren’t a few small drawbacks or factors to address. However, these drawbacks are fairly minor and can easily be handled by a good marketing team. 

Creating car wraps isn’t that difficult, either. While you may want to work with a graphic designer or a photographer to get good graphics and photos, that’s not necessary. Even a basic vehicle wrap design can get your message across and help increase your sales.

If you’re considering adding commercial vehicle wraps to your company cars, here are some of the benefits of doing so. Once you’ve decided this is the right step for your marketing, you can reach out to TNT Signs to get help with the design, printing, and installation of the wraps.

Your Vehicles Are Branded

By putting your brand on your vehicles, whether they’re small cars or large carrier vans, you’re letting the world know that you exist. You’re getting your company brand and name out there in front of even more people. While there’s no requirement to brand your vehicles with wraps or car decals, there’s also no reason not to. It’s a form of advertising that there’s really no downside to using other than the cost. Fortunately, these costs are fairly low, plus there are some options. If the cost of wrapping your entire fleet is too much, you could go with partial vehicle wraps that leave the top or other parts uncovered. There are also vehicle decals you can use instead.

Improve Customer Trust

With home invasions and other assaults in the news all the time, many people are becoming more and more careful about who they let into their homes. If your business makes deliveries or does home repairs, you may have already had to take steps to assure your customers that you are legit. Deliveries often now simply leave things in front of the door whenever possible. Repair crews need to carry identification and other information. 

While a vehicle wrap won’t change the need for identification, it will help put customers at ease. When an unmarked vehicle pulls up in front of their home, it can make people nervous. When that same vehicle pulls up with a large logo, business information, and other graphics parks at the curb, there’s less apprehension. Customers know who you are, plus they know that their neighbors will also take note of the vehicle and the information on it.

Your Vehicles Stand Out

How many plain trucks, vans, and other vehicles do you see on the streets every day? If your vehicles aren’t branded in some way, they’re going to get lost in the crowd. If your customers need to be able to find your vehicles, this makes it more difficult for them. Those who run transportation services, for example, will want people to be able to spot their vans. Adding a custom car wrap or a custom car decal helps you stand out from your competitors and makes it easy for people to find you.

Advertise Anywhere

With a car wrap, you can advertise your brand no matter where you go. For those that make home deliveries or in-home services, you’ll be advertising in neighborhoods where your customers are. If you drive throughout the downtown part of your city or through business areas, you’re promoting your brand to others who are shopping or working in the area. 

Even when you’re parked at the office or your home, you’re still advertising. Vehicle wraps essentially make your cars into a moving billboard. You’re getting eyes on your brand wherever you drive or park. Even better, unlike a billboard, you’re advertising in multiple locations. Billboards can get a lot of attention, but they only reach those who go past the billboard. Potential customers who are across town or even on the next block over may never see your billboard.

Commercial car wraps don’t have that downside. They advertise wherever you are. In fact, if you take different routes to the same destination every day, you can be sure you’re marketing your brand to different people. If you’re driving to different locations every day, you’re potentially getting in front of many different people every day. By turning your vehicle into a mobile billboard, you’re potentially reaching hundreds of new customers every day.

Change Your Message When Necessary

Vehicle wraps made from high-quality materials will last for years, especially if you take good care of them. However, these wraps are also more affordable than purchasing billboards. This is especially true if you go with a partial wrap. You can have the wrap easily removed and replaced with a new design. This lets you keep your brand fresh as well as advertise specials or new products and services. 

You may want to swap out wraps around the holidays and again in the spring, or you may want to put on a wrap that showcases a new product. Over time, you may simply want to update your wrap so it’s more in line with your current advertising. You can wrap all your vehicles in the same design, or you can switch it up. There’s really no limit to the message you can spread via car wrap.

Creating the Perfect Commercial Vehicle Wraps

If you’ve never used a vehicle wrap before, you may not know where to start. Creating car wraps isn’t that difficult, but there are some decisions to make. First, before you even start thinking about the design, you need to consider how your vehicle wraps are going to fit into your overall marketing campaign. What do you want the wraps to achieve? If you simply want to brand your vehicles, a car decal or a partial wrap may be the more cost-effective options. If you want your vehicles to serve as mobile billboards, though, you’ll want to think about full wraps.

You also need to decide what you’re going to advertise. If you want to raise awareness of your brand, you’ll want to include your logo, contact information, and a general idea of what products or services you offer. On the other hand, if you want to highlight a specific product or service, you’ll want the design to focus on that. 

Deciding on the right graphics, photos, colors, and fonts

Once you’ve decided on the wrap’s purpose, you can start thinking about the details. What graphics or photos do you want to use? You may have some on hand that work, or you may need to reach out to a photographer or graphic designer. What colors will you use? There’s no limit to the number of colors you can make use of, so be as bold and bright as you want! Just remember to avoid colors that clash horribly or using colors that are too similar. You don’t want your contact information fading into the background.

Fonts are another choice. Some are very difficult to read at a distance, so you’ll want to avoid those. You’ve likely selected a font or two that you use on signs, letterhead, and other items, so you’ll want to stick to those choices. The same goes for colors, logos, and other elements that feature in all of your marketing tools. You want everything to look cohesive.

The Layout and Design

Once you’ve selected the images, fonts, and colors you want to use, it’s time to design the wrap. If you don’t have the design skills needed, there are many freelance designers out there you can work with. You can also partner with our design team. TNT Signs has a staff of talented designers who can help our clients create the perfect car wrap.

You’ll want to be guided by the purpose of the wrap. This will help you decide where to place information, which information to make central to the wrap, and what extra graphics and decorations to use. Once you’re done, let the design sit for a moment, then look at it again critically. Be sure to get some feedback, too, and then make any changes you feel need to be made before sending it to us for printing.

The TNT Signs Difference

TNT Signs does more than just print signs, banners, and vehicle wraps. We help every customer create the best marketing materials possible. All of our car wraps are printed on high-quality vinyl that will withstand the weather and other damage. We use vibrant inks that keep their color even after weeks of direct sunlight. Our installation team will make certain there are no wrinkles, bubbles, or other unsightly issues with your wrap, so your vehicle will look amazing.

If you’re ready to create an amazing custom car wrap for your commercial vehicle, give TNT Signs a call today. We also make banners, custom signs, decals, and other marketing items, all from high-quality materials. Contact us at 707-528-8523 to learn more.