So last night my wife and had the pleasure of attending a concert where these guys that have been playing together for nearly 50 years put on another show that was simply timeless!  What was interesting to note was that along with seeing the band’s name and logo presented on a screen behind them in various colors and layouts, the songs and music never skipped a beat.

The band was Chicago and for those of us that know of the group not only have they been entertaining us for decades but for those who’ve seen them in the past decade alone their show hardly changes along with the music that has been in our ears for a long time.

Chicago Luther Burbank Center


It made me think of my brand…your business brand…is it timeless…?  Have you and I thought of this in regards to how we’ll be remembered or even known in years and maybe decades to come—am I…are you really clear about what your brand is…?

logo brand identityChicago is…the experience “live” truly accentuates not only who Chicago is but where they have been and come over the decades and more so, how you and I have come with them!

Establishing your brand is critical—we need to remember this in everything we do in establishing our company’s and businesses and through the wares and services we offer to our customers.  After all…it’s like one of the band members said last night, “We’re truly blessed to perform for all of you for all these years…we can’t do this without you…if we did we would only be rehearsing…”

You and I cannot do business without our customers and more over establishing our brand is right in the mix of it…so think about it…if we didn’t have our customers we’d just be rehearsing.  I want to have a legacy…how about you?