Ideally, you have a custom business sign made to last. Whether your signs are indoor or outdoor, they may need to be replaced at a certain point for various reasons. Wear and tear is a common reason to get a new sign, but it may also have to do with a change in your business that requires a fresh image. Here’s a look at when to update your business signage.


When Sign Quality Becomes Questionable

One of the top reasons to upgrade a business sign is to repair any damage that affects the sign’s image. A hotel sign with missing letters looks like a cheap lodging facility, which may cause travelers to keep driving until they find a hotel that looks like its owners care about customer perceptions. Even if vandals damage a business sign, it can still create negative impressions about the business. Consequently, signs that exhibit damage distract from the message.

Sometimes it’s necessary to update a sign that includes outdated or inaccurate information. Perhaps the business has changed its name, moved to a new location, or rescheduled its business hours.


Seeking Customization

The question as to how often you should update business signs depends on your industry and market. Some products and services are very trendy, while others are timeless. Figure out what type of image works best for your brand, whether it’s static or constantly evolving with expanding offerings. Then consider the wide variety of imaginative possibilities for custom signs to deliver unique displays.

Not all businesses need to keep producing signs to reach or convince their target audiences. But if you have a strategic plan to increase local sales, you may need to develop a series of different signs that promote a marketing campaign or an event where the product will be showcased. Displaying multiple banners at a trade show or local festival is an excellent way to gain massive exposure in a short time.


Staging Broader Marketing Campaigns

If you decide you need multiple signs, your budget will certainly dictate how many you can produce. You should study sign elements and their costs to determine if there are ways to save money. Be aware of the most durable materials such as aluminum and finishes for outdoor signs, which can last many years if maintained properly. Laminates and UV-resistant ink are essential qualities that help maintain the long-term visibility of the sign’s message.

The signs that need the most maintenance and care are large outdoor signs, which should be upgraded when they become faded or degraded in some other way. Every outdoor sign has a lifespan that may last only a few years to several decades, depending on the sign material, the placement, the climate, and pollutants that compromise materials. Indoor signs, on the other hand, can last a human lifetime or longer since they aren’t constantly exposed to environmental factors that diminish quality.


To Signal a Business Change

Whenever a business changes its logo, business sign, or image, it’s a signal to customers that other changes are occurring with the company. Even if you aren’t trying to convey business change and just want to put up a fresh new sign, customers may still perceive the company as moving in a new direction just because they see a new image.

Many businesses that want to tap into new markets take on modern imagery to appear ready for the future. Digital signs are excellent for this type of campaign because the message can be easily updated at any time and the technology serves as a reminder of the electronic age. Using digital signs allows you to communicate more messages to customers, particularly within your establishment.


Increase Visibility

Sign visibility can be increased by adding more signs or making each sign more vibrant. The factors that affect sign visibility are placement, color, lettering size, and font style. You may think the size of your current lettering is too small and could reach more eyeballs if it were larger. Using brighter color schemes can drive more attention to a sign than one that looks plainer.

The strategy of using colorful trade show displays goes a long way at conventions that showcase hundreds of booths. Such displays can be memorable and cause attendees to inquire about your brand. The key to attracting attention at a convention is to use unique signage that stands out rather than blends in. Find out what type of imagery your target audience likes and go from there to create a fresh image for your business.

Avoiding clutter has huge advantages. Don’t let your business sign become part of the clutter. Instead, maximize the sign’s purpose to promote your brand. Contact us at TNT Signs for more information and ideas on how your business can benefit from upgrading signage.



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