Vinyl Wrap:

You’ve heard the saying: “LESS IS MORE” and in the realm of vinyl wraps this very much holds true.  We love doing a vinyl wrap on vehicles, and it is certainly an impressionable way to call out to customers and let them know who you are and what you do.  However a vinyl wrap needs to be well thought out… they should never be taken for granted by way of just throwing it on the vehicle.  The whole vehicle is mostly covered and so if just one thing isn’t right then the whole vinyl wrap isn’t right!

So, perhaps a vinyl wrap is too much for your business and yes, less is more:

Vinyl graphics afford a business the opportunity to be selective and yet still get your message across in a simple way. In the arena of vinyl graphics and vehicle graphics, how you wish to convey your identity comes with a visual volume control and how LOUD you want to No Vinyl Wrap Herebe heard can and needs to be adjusted. For some businesses a vinyl wrap might be a little too loud and vinyl graphics can be just enough to be heard. Your message conveyed on your vehicle needs to match your brand and not all brands are the same in terms of how much visual volume is necessary.

A perfect example of someone choosing No Vinyl Wrap - Vinyl Graphics Instead!vinyl graphics over vinyl wrap is the recent project we completed for Myra Rountree, owner of Made in the Shade Santa Rosa. They do stylish window coverings in the Santa Rosa area. A vinyl wrap would have been a bit too LOUD for this particular business. Myra’s vehicle now successfully conveys more about her business and the volume level matches her brand.