Vehicle graphics certainly have its advantages. The benefits of outdoor advertising – like the billboards and some of the vehicle wraps themselves – are larger-than-life, extremely colorful, entertaining and designed to grab attention. In these respects they’re not too different from an overenthusiastic uncle at a family reunion.

Back to the point, though, especially if you’re a small business operating in Santa Rosa, you know the importance of enticing local customers to check out your wares. That’s the bread and butter of your business right there. Why not specifically target these customers?

Car wrapping professional consulting a client about vinyl films or foils

Make a Scene with Vehicle Graphics

Vehicle graphics have actually been called “the perfect marketing medium” countless times recently. This is because they allow you to reach mass audiences locally. You can do so without breaking the bank, without compromising your brand integrity, and without giving up visibility to your competitors.

Like other forms of outdoor advertising, vehicle graphics remind customers of your brand. At the same time they can really complement your other outdoor advertising and digital marketing.  In addition it gives you more brand dominance and chances for customers to stay connected.

Think about brands that have widespread and almost uncontested brand dominance today.  Starbucks in the coffee industry or Apple with personal electronics. Those companies have a presence everywhere yet they always make sure that their promotions are on-point. They also ensure their advertising is tailor-made for their current customers.

  • Great for Strapped and Startup Budgets

Vehicle graphics are an amazing way to take those principles and run with them. When you think about vehicle graphics really epitomize what effective advertising is all about. They’re really colorful and attention-grabbing (almost hypnotic) and seemingly everywhere that customers are. That’s what it’s all about.

On top of that, vehicle graphics can be customized to your brand and fit onto almost any make and model vehicle, instantly breathing new life into your fleet…all extremely affordably. There are few other advertising mediums that allow you to reach tens or hundreds of thousands of local customers over years with just that one investment (e.g., vehicle graphics).

And there’s also no one industry that has a monopoly on these things: Vehicle graphics can be used by florists doing the rounds, a pizza delivery car looking to stir up a little extra business on the side or plumbers, handymen and all kinds of home care companies.

Stay in Touch With Your Customers

A lot of times customers know their problem but they don’t know who can solve it for them or how they can go about getting what they want. Engaging vehicle graphics get across your message, how you can help and ways for customers to stay in contact and even recommend you out to friends.

Everywhere you hear about shrinking marketing budgets, an emphasis on return on investment and making sure that every advertising dollar is well spent.

Considering vehicle graphics let you select exactly how your company’s represented.  Enjoy the fact that you can lure in new customers by simply choosing to have your vehicle wrapped. What are you waiting for? Contact us today!