Vehicle Graphics Santa RosaHow much do you spend per eyeball? That is, how many people see your advertising for every dollar you spend? For tons of businesses, vehicle graphics offer a quick way to get your brand out there to everyone in town while spending as little as a fraction of a penny for every lead.

With a car on the road showing off the name and logo, a business hits a lot of key points in the marketing game. Vehicle graphics are tangible and dynamic. They don’t require calculating a click-through rate. You don’t have to spend time and effort worrying about demographics. Just use the car for business or personal use (or even just park it somewhere visible) and your natural customer base will come into contact with your brand thanks to vehicle graphics.

Not sure if vehicle graphics are the right fit for your brand? Here are some top reasons why they can make an exceptionally cost-effective marketing tool.

Low Initial Investment, Unlimited Use

Vehicle Graphics VanFor about the same cost as a billboard rental or a one-page ad in a local newspaper, you can have custom decals made for your car or the company vehicle. Whether driving around with vehicle graphics as part of your job or making deliveries, or even just using it for personal use, you can easily show off your name, logo, website, phone number, and an image of your product or service using vehicle graphics.

Consumers Don’t Tune Out Vehicle Wraps

Most ads don’t grip people’s attention the way vehicle graphics do. People have gotten used to clicking past online ads, ignoring banners on apps, and generally going through life without spending much mental energy on traditional ads. At the same time, it doesn’t take much for an unusual vehicle to grab attention. You might not think much of a vehicle with a name and number written on the side, but actual vehicle graphics showing products and faces or giving the car some fun and memorable character will turn heads and get people talking.

Friedman Truck Graphics

You Control Where Your Ads Are Seen

Vehicle graphics can be used dynamically because you can simply drive the car where you want it to be seen; instead of conducting tons of research choosing a location for a print ad or rolling the dice with keyword ads online, logo decals and other vehicle graphics can be taken around to all the neighborhoods where you want your brand exposed, whether it’s for a single day or many months at a time.

Multi-tasking: Always Be Branding

When you drive a car for business purposes, you’re already spending money on fuel and insurance. Why not turn this resource-burning activity into something productive with the no-effort touch of vehicle graphics? If you ever need to make deliveries, meet clients for lunch, or just run business errands, you can be putting your brand at top-of-mind with vehicle graphics.