Fundamentally, what is large-format printing? Large-format printing (a.k.a., wide-format printing) is a type of computer-controlled printing that uses toner or inkjet technologies to produce a resizable, incredibly vibrant, vector-based image on huge print rolls.

In fact, the actual width of print rolls helps to distinguish large format printing services Santa Rosa from so-called super-wide print (a.k.a., grande) formats. Once you get past 100 inches – a bit over eight feet – you’re getting into super-wide or grande territory.

Banners and Much, Much More 

Together man and woman holding sheet of paper while standing in front of a Large format printerNow, let’s take a quick look at the kinds of things that you can do with large-format printing. Most posters, banners, and graphics for trade shows that your business will need are going to be large-format prints.

Large-format prints are typically two feet to ten feet in width, which provides plenty of room to convey your marketing message or present things like architectural drawings, blueprints, and vibrant backdrops for the arts.

Stage Sets (Scenic Design) 

A lot of people don’t immediately think about doing this, but one of the most effective and economical uses for large format printing services Santa Rosa is stage sets. Large-format prints can also be used for stage banners and concert promotionals.

Screen printing, an alternative to computer-mediated inkjet printing used for large format printing services Santa Rosa, can be cost-prohibitive at first since a lot of the savings are only realized later with screen printing. The screen printing process takes a lot of cash to get started.

By contrast, large-format prints are affordable from the word go and can be designed from virtually anywhere with software like Adobe Illustrator (instead of using bulky screens).

You’ll have the extra benefit of being able to resize your image to any poster size you like without losing fidelity thanks to vector graphics.This means that you can start with a small image and resize it to fit larger stages as well as film and television sets.

You can use large-format prints for the actual scenic design on set or on stage; alternatively, you can also use large-format prints for premiere posters to shore up ticket sales and make sure that people know about the event in the first place.

Glass, Metal, or Wood Surfaces 

One creative way to use large-format prints is by making a print for one of your vehicle’s side panels. Yes, large-format prints can be adhered to magnets that slap right on to your vehicles!

If you’re not sure yet about a full-on car wrap, then this is a great option to consider. Adhering large-format prints to glass (e.g., the windows to a brick-and-mortar business location) or various wood surfaces is also a piece of cake!

Trade Show Graphics 

Your options also open up with trade show graphics and large format printing services Santa Rosa. Large-format prints can be put towards a number of different, and uniquely beneficial, uses at trade shows.

Backdrop banners for your actual display and retractable banners are two obvious starting points because those can form the backdrop of your entire pitch to the public.

Tabletop displays made from large-format printers, media backdrops, and printed carpeting are more creative possibilities with large-format printing technology.

With vector files, you can even blow up images of your staff to display to the public and personalize your company at expos and trade shows.

These images won’t wind up looking like a warped image on an old VCR – they’ll look sharp and defined thanks to vibrant UV inks and vector files that play nice with resizing.

Huge Wall Murals 

Because of the types of UV inks that are used with large-format printing and the versatility of the adhesives used in the application process, you can apply large-format prints on a wide variety of surfaces.

Neither glass nor walls pose any challenge to large-format prints. So, you’ll have the option of hanging up these prints on the wall, sure, but also slapping them on windows or creating stunning wall mirrors a la modern museums.

A window or wall cling would obviously be a more temporary option, but if you want the highest quality and you want your mural to stick around for some time then a large-format print as a wall mural might be the way to go.

You really are spoiled for choice with large format printing services Santa Rosa in terms of the surfaces that large-format prints work with and the venues that these prints work well within. Contact us for more information.