A fundamental factor in the success of any business is visibility. The market first needs to learn of your existence before turning into consumers. A popular misconception, especially among entrepreneurs, is that it is just your ability that counts if you are to be successful. However, this is not the case. You first need to make people aware of what you are offering, before you can even show what makes your product or service stand out from the competition. Think of it this way, the more people you display out to, the higher the number of potential customers.

So, since humans are highly visual creatures, in this article we discuss how your business can benefit by taking advantage of retail and tradeshow displays.

Retail Displays

Retail and Tradeshow Displays

How many times have you found yourself walking into a store just because something on the window display caught your attention? Or even when queuing at the store you end up picking something at the Point of Purchase, that you had not initially planned on buying. Well, this happens to almost everyone and it is a positive effect of the power of display on purchasing decisions. If you run a retail business, harnessing the power of display is vital in boosting your sales.

How Do Retail Displays Affect Your Business?

Allows you convey quick messages

If the correct display technique is used, you will be able to send out instant information to customers. This works especially well with window displays. Even before a potential customer walks into your store, they already have a clear idea on what to expect once inside. The display could be about a discount offer or even highlighting a particular brand you are stocking.

Increase Sales

Did you know that over 80% purchasing decisions are made when a customer is already inside the store? This then gives retailers a great opportunity to influence customer decisions using display techniques. Once in your store a customer is ready to spend and this makes them vulnerable. Retail displays will work if you make products appear as must-have’s and too good a deal. This way you find someone who was coming in to pick just a packet of milk leaving with several other items.

Cuts Down on Marketing/Advertising Costs

Investing in retail displays is a really affordable way of marketing. You just need to understand your clientele and be creative for it to work. A plus to it is that it does not grow old and it can be used on a variety of products and is easy to manipulate.

Tradeshow Displays

Tradeshows make a great avenue to showcase and educate the market about your business. But just because you are at a tradeshow it does not mean that you will be successful in making people aware of your business. Remember humans process information greatly by sight, and thus the need to have an outstanding tradeshow display. There is a wide variety of displays to choose from, ranging from pop-up displays, modular exhibits, panel displays to truss displays. You have the option to buy or rent your ideal display design, depending on your needs.

With a good tradeshow display you can expect the following;

An opportunity to interact with potential customers

When your tradeshow display is pleasing to the eye, you get to easily connect with potential customers are draw them in. Once you capture their attention you now have opportunity to educate them further about your brand.

To create good brand image

A good display at the tradeshow will not just increase sales, but will give you a market advantage. The more people you are able to interact with, the more referrals you are likely to get, which by the way, is also a great marketing tool.

Retail and tradeshow displays are passably traditional marketing methods but since human nature remains unchanged, they continue to be very effective for businesses. All you need is to ensure that your displays are appealing and correctly positioned, in order to harness the benefits. Contact us for more information.