“Business without advertising is like winking at a girl at night: you know what you are doing by nobody else does.” – Stuart Henderson Britt

Advertising is an important aspect of business as it gets your product in front of potential customers. You also increase sales and brand awareness. Taking that into account, you first have to pick an ideal way to promote your product given the variety in the market. From multimedia display, and online ads to age-old marketing. Banners would serve this purpose and more so because of their advantages.

Advantages of Using Banners

  • Cost-effective – Advanced advertising media holds small businesses back owing to their high production costs. However, signs happen to be cheap to produce and often cost less than the simplest radio ad. Moreover, there are digital print shops in most towns, and many business owners can design their banners using designer and publishing suites.
  • Targeted – Unlike radio and digital advertising, banners are targeted. Whether it is at a trade show or your place of business, you can be confident that people who see the ad are potential customers. You aren’t wasting resources on people who aren’t interested in your product.
  • Effective – Signs are a natural part of our environment, and banners fit right in. Many people pay attention to the signage and signs grab customer’s eyes when coupled with killer design.
  • Brand reinforcement – You can reinforce your company name, logo, and image with a branded banner. You get to reach many people in a day when placed in a high traffic area. A sign outside your office/premises ensures you are ever on your customer’s mind.

Types of Banners

  1. Pull-up and Retractable Signage

Also known as roll-ups, pull-up and retractable signs are for indoor retail signage. They are attractive and efficient as they are double-sided. They are easy to collapse, transport and are reusable. That is you can repeatedly use them.

They are easy to set up but have a shortcoming in that they cannot be wider than 5-feet.

  1. Pop-Up Display

If you are on the hunt for signage that occupies the entire back of an exhibition shell, we recommend pop-up signage. They have sturdier support and thus can stretch wider. However, they are not as easy to set-up as roll-up signage.

  1. Step and Repeat Display

Neutral backdrops are necessary especially in events with keynote speakers. They don’t want to be distracted and there lies the opportunity for a step and repeat signage. You can use these to cover garish walls all the while advertising your company and logo.

  1. Suspended and Hanging Signage

These are displayed above crowds to maximize visibility and impact. They are a bit expensive to install, but the payoff is worth the effort.

What is used to make banners?

There are mesh signs that can work both indoors and outdoors. They are known for being able to brave harsh weather as they are permeable.

Fabric signs, on the other hand, awe and captivate as they provide full-colored graphics. They often consist of polyester or satin. Vinyl signs are the most popular owing to their durability and that they are tear-resistant. C

Signs are reusable considering the many local events and trade shows. If that and the other benefits of banners tickle your fancy, feel free to contact us to place an order.