You must have seen car decals on various trucks, business vans, every day on the road when traveling, on the streets when the professionals have to handle plumbing, pest control, in front of big business. You see them everywhere because they are the most effective and long-lasting way of marketing – among all these are easier to apply and remove. Here is a guide to know about applying the car decal as the proper application of vinyl stickers ensures that –

  • Your decals will last longer when they are on your vehicles.
  • They will not peel or get affected.
  • The decals will not be affected by the bubbles.
  • The decals can look professional without wrinkles.

Technician showing customer car decal colorsHere is how you can apply vinyl decals to your car bumpers, windows, and everywhere needed –

Clean the surface

You can clean the surface where you want to place your decal as it important for proper adhesion so they can look real. If the surface would be dusty or grimy, then those will not stick on the surface as their glue will get affected. The dirt will cling on the back of the decals instead of reaching to the actual surface of the cars and will either get a slip or peel off.

  • Use– When cleaning your car, use a light soap or rubbing alcohol to achieve the right results.
  • Don’t use– Avoid using the materials that leave wax or another residue to affect your car surface.

Positioning the decals

When applying the car decal, you need to determine the position where you want to place the decal, and it is mainly important when you are planning to place the large decals. When positioning them, you need to assess the area thoroughly and determine if it can fit there for which you can hold them against the vehicle to get an idea of how it will look. Furthermore, you can use a tape measure to adjust the decals as it can provide you a solid sense regarding where you want to place the decal by holding it against the vehicle. When placing the identical decals on either side, you need to ensure the distance from the decals’ side and its placement at an equal distance. When you are done with the measuring, you can use masking tape to mark the location where you want the decal to sit and place the small pieces at the corners where you want to apply the decals. The masking tape serves as a guide when you apply the decals, and it will not affect or damage the paint of the vehicle.

Apply the decal

When applying the decals, use tape on the car for putting decals on the vehicle and press the corners of the decals into the vehicle firmly. You can use a straight edge tool for pressing them, but keep the car decal pulled tight when you press them into the vehicle as it prevents the occurrence of bubbling. Using a straight edge tool ensures that small bubbles can get eliminated over the entire decal to make it look better as expected. Here are some of the things you need to consider –

  • When applying the decals to the vehicles, you can remove the backing, but make sure that it can keep the decals straight when you apply them without worrying about other parts sticking.
  • While it must be easier to remove the transfer tape immediately when pressing the decals into the car, but it would help if you leave it to dry completely.
  • You can wait for a few minutes until the transfer tape can be removed, as it will eliminate the chances of pulling the decals with it.
  • Allow the decals to sit in the direct sunlight that can make the transfer tap to get removed easily.
  • When the transfer tape gets removed, you can see the car decal on the vehicle. No doubt, there will be a bubble in the decal, but those are easier to remove with the credit card or other flat tool as these works greatly to push the bubbles towards the edge.

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