The average driver logs over 1,000 miles per month on their vehicle, or about 13,400 miles per year. That’s about 36 miles every day. With driving becoming more a part of everyone’s commute from the suburbs, there’s a big business opportunity for companies that embrace real-world advertising.

Vehicle Wraps – Ad Impressions Come Rain or Shine

Vehicle Wraps

Vehicle wraps and decals for cars in Santa Rosa are a great way to capitalize on the fact that a single vehicle wrap can generate 70,000 or more ad impressions per day. That means that simply installing one vehicle wrap should result in 70,000 or more drivers, pedestrians, and shoppers taking notice of your brand.

You get to choose the size and branding message of your vehicle wrap. You can mix and match among your company’s fleet of vehicles or simply choose to incorporate a small decal for the side of one of your vehicles.

Vehicle wraps generate a ton of impressions and they’re cost efficient in the sense that vinyl wraps can last years on end and continue to deliver results come rain or shine.

Vehicle Wraps and Decals Could be Tax Deductible

A lot of small business owners leap for joy when they hear that they might be able to consider their entire fleet of vehicles a tax write off. That’s not exactly what’s going on here.

You probably won’t be able to write off the purchase of a business vehicle as an auto deduction to the IRS, but you cold be able to write off a vehicle advertisement as a business expense.

Make sure to keep a running tab of your expenses so that you can save big on April 15th when it comes time to greet the taxman.

Vehicle advertising really levels the playing field for small and medium-sized businesses in Santa Rosa looking to compete with the big boys.

Car Decals and Vehicle Wraps Uniquely Benefit Santa Rosa Small Businesses

You’ll have the opportunity to advertise alongside multi-national companies as one of your fleet’s vehicles pulls up alongside a multinational company’s truck.

The people who see your vehicle will know that your company truly cares enough about its image and reputation to make an investment in vehicle wraps. What’s more, those same people will know how to get in touch with your company now.

Decals for cars in Santa Rosa are affordable and position any business as an authority. That’s really important for getting more customers. Part of the reason that big companies are successful is that they have a high level of brand awareness, or a customer’s familiarity with a company’s products and services.

Companies like Coke and Nike do so well because the high brand awareness that they’ve accumulated over the years means that customers give their brands the benefit of the doubt when they’re shopping for groceries or shoes. Making your brand more visible to potential customers by investing in vehicle wraps can give your company that same power.

When your company is seen as an authority, you can expect more business and more customers to call on your services over your competitor’s.

Put Your Value Proposition Into Your Advertising

Before investing in a vehicle wrap, you should really think about what sets your company apart from the competition: Your value proposition. If you’re quicker, more affordable, offer a unique product, or have superior service then make sure to convey that in your branding.

Your vehicle wrap can convey your unique value proposition to customers and increase the odds that they’ll call on you when they have an issue. It’s about putting your company in the driver’s seat.