A lot of businesses never think about their presence, or only think of it on the personal level. Naturally, you want to wear a clean shirt with your logo stitched into it, and you want a snazzy business card. But do you have a presence that’s easy to pick out even from a distance? Car wraps may very well be your answer. Car wraps can help people identify that you’re a pro, even when they can’t see your face.

Car Wraps

What the Heck Are Car Wraps?

The world of car wraps can come off confusing if you’ve never heard the term, but odds are that you’ve seen tons of them around. A lot of businesses use car wraps of their logo, name and contact information because it allows them to be seen. If you have a work truck, a smaller economy car that’s super fuel efficient, or just your daily vehicle that you happen to use for business, using car wraps an help you get noticed in a good way. Some folks use them on the vehicle they take to the job site, so their awesome work ethic can inspire passing folks to call them. Sometimes you can even kick up business when you aren’t on the job site using car wraps.

Car Wraps Are Highly Visible

Your visibility as a professional of any kind is directly proportional to how successful you are at getting new clients. There’s a thing called your sales funnel, and that just means you take all the people in the world and start getting rid of folks who won’t get closer to buying — until you finally have your paying customers who come back again and again. With car wraps, you add a lot of folks to the “might give you a call to ask a couple questions” group near the top of your funnel. While there’s no guarantee that someone will see your vehicle wrapped in your brand identity and immediately hire you, they will at least know you exist.

Visibility is a critical component of getting clients. If your potential clients do not see you, you do not exist to them. While you can wear a company shirt and hand out business cards at events, that’s pretty impossible on the road. With car wraps, you’ve got a giant “business card” that is always there for you.

Your Professionalism, At a Glance

As a professional, you have to be known. If nobody knows what you do, you might as well not be doing it from the perspective of a potential client. Naturally, you are handing out business cards, dressing neatly and speaking with people on a regular basis. Maybe you’ve taken out some ad space somewhere, run a few ads on social media. There are tons of ways to show that you’re a professional. Car wraps are simply one more way. While wrapping your vehicle may seem a little “low tech” and “old school,” it can be remarkably effective. You’d be surprised how many people will snap a quick picture of you with their phones while they’re out in the world, and remember you later on.

Low Cost, High ROI

Fancy people like saying there’s an ROI, or return on investment, to lots of things you do for your business. This just means that when you put some money into something, you expect it to help you make more money. Car wraps are not a big investment, but they can keep paying you back for a long time. That is what you call a solid investment. You really should consider getting car wraps for your company.  Contact us for more information.