How Crucial are Custom Signs in Your Marketing Campaign? TNT Graphics and Signs Santa Rosa CAYour marketing campaign is what gets people to contact your company in the first place. There are lots of ways that you can market your business; some are more important than others. One marketing resource that is a must is the custom sign. Here’s why you need this:

Custom signs don’t blend in with the crowd

A good sign won’t look like the one next to it. That’s because a passerby will start to block out certain images; this includes signs that have the same general design. An ignored sign ain’t an effective sign. Mass-produced signs all have the same style. In other words, if your sign ain’t custom, then it’ll look like its neighbors, and it’s basically worthless to you.

Custom signs flow with the rest of your marketing campaign

Have a snazzy flare that you want to add to your marketing campaign? Unless it involves basic font and hard angles, you won’t be adding anything like that to a non-custom sign. Because custom signs have the distinct benefit of being customizable, you can slap every star, sparkle, light, arrow — or whatever else — onto your sign. This gives you the creative flexibility to not only make your custom sign a fluid part of your marketing campaign, but you can make it a staple.

With a custom sign, you can drop all of the clever catch phrases you want to

Have a silly quote you want written in a neon green crayon-style font? What about an overly long sentence that trails off into a jumble of gibberish and ends in a trail of sparkles? How about something more subdued, like your company’s name in bright lights? You guessed it! You need to have custom signs made to make anything like what we just mentioned. Even if your eye-catching ideas don’t border on the ridiculous (or ridiculously genius, depending how you look at it), you still need a professionally made custom sign to make everything look exactly how you want it to.

Custom signs make your company’s logo or mascot matter

The most valuable thing that your business owns is not your building. It’s not your products or your cash either. It is your name. You company’s brand name determines whether or not people will buy your stuff. This is true no matter how great your products are or how creative your sales pitches are. You start building your brand by giving the people something visual that they can connect with your company. A company or a logo is where you want to start here; your custom signs are great places to put these things…because everyone will see them of course!

Custom signs aren’t annoying

Some types of ads, no matter how effective, are annoying to your customers. This won’t ever be true for your custom signs. That’s because they aren’t ever in the way. Instead, they just happen to be there where they can be seen.

An eye-popping custom sign makes people remember your name as they zip by

People are always in a rush. This makes it hard for you to tell them anything about anything, let alone how GREAT your company is. Custom signs give you the opportunity to burn images of your company’s greatness into people’s minds as they pass by.

A great custom sign is like having your own personal town crier

The unique ability of custom signs to stand out and be seen, while telling people about your business makes them critical for your company to use. By using them, you can get the whole town to know about you in no time whatsoever.