Decals are an excellent choice for a permanent signage solution whenever there is a need to advertise a personal business or even company cars. Custom car decals are the best and efficient way of turning your car into a moving billboard. Available in opaque, transparent and perforated materials, car decals are a universal way to show off your make and reach the multitudes as you voyage through the streets. Car decals are manufactured from a vinyl material with a gummed backing that is both cheap and handy signage solution for your vehicle.

Production of a car decal

Massive making of car stickers using the vinyl material begins with large rolls of a plastic sheet. Vinyl is pushed through a conniver or large-format printer/cutter which designs the preferred image and cuts out the desired shapes. Models are generated using particular computer software and sent to the machines electronically. After the shapes are cut, excess vinyl on the sheet is removed. Lastly a pre-mask paper is implemented on the top of the car decal design for easy application of numerous letters and shapes.

Steps in installing a car decal

Installing a car decal is a straightforward and quick process when clear instructions are followed;

  • The first step is to swab the surface where the decal will be placed and to let it air dry.

• Secondly, the backing of the decal should be detached so that the sticky part of the sticker is now visible. Aquatic liquid coupled with a drop of mild detergent should be sprinkled onto the sticky portion of the decal. This will enhance accurate positioning of either the transparent or the opaque decals on your car. Installation of perforated decals does not need any water.

• Thirdly, the decals can then be placed onto the car and a scraper used to remove any excess water. Once free of any moisture, the adhesive properties will be applied, and your decal will be ready.

When driving in normal weather, correctly installed car stickers should not come off your car. Placement of decals should be done on the smooth and flat areas of the car. Additionally, a pressure washer or a mechanical washer should not be exercised with any car sticker. This will prevent the decal from any damage and from falling off.

Removing a car sticker from your vehicle, it’s straightforward and easy. It is simply done by use of a razor blade to peel them away and soapy water to remove any remains of the adhesive material. Decals placed on painted areas should be removed with adequate care so as not to scratch the paint. This will ensure that your car stays in shape regardless of the decal type. Contact us for more information.