Large format printing, sometimes called wide format printing is awesome for advertising and quick to print up. Most billboards and posters that you see in stores or at trade shows are made from large format printers.

The term “large format prints” actually applies to posters, banners, and billboards that are typically between 20 and 100 inches. Anything over that is known as grand format printing, or super wide printing.

Large Format Printing – Increase Revenue and Save Big!

Large Format Printing

For a mural or trade show graphics, sometimes the best strategy really is to go big or go home. But whether you’re dealing with large format printing or grand printing the same general rules apply.

  • Digital means flexible

The really nice thing about large format printing is that you’re talking about producing a printed image from a high-end inkjet printer. That means that it’s digital and you can use the same image for everything from posters to car wraps and huge in-store signage.

  • High-quality prints

Large format printing is a computer-controlled printing process that typically uses high-quality UV-curable inks to get a stunning image that can withstand the rigors of mother nature. Piezo inkjet printers can make UV-curable prints for your business that waterproof, tough, embossed and extremely attractive aesthetically.

  • Visibility and exposure

You can use the same digital template to print across a variety of marketing mediums without sacrificing image quality or durability. Large and grand format printing could easily be your secret weapon this year in the sense that it will allow you to create gargantuan billboards and building graphics that finally put your business on the community radar.

When a movie comes out and the production company wants everyone and their brother to know about it, you can bet that large scale printing is being used as part of that advertising campaign. You can harness that same power for your Santa Rosa business starting today!

  • Extremely economical

Even if you’re not a small business just starting out and anxiously watching every penny, you’ll find out fairly quickly that large format printing is extremely cost-efficient. That applies to limited runs and the economies-of-scale savings you can expect with greater volume as well.

Screen printing is great once you get everything up and running, true, but screen printing has some clear drawbacks. The initial cost for screen printing is higher, especially for limited runs, compared to large format digital printing because with screen printing you have to create a fresh template every time.

The savings that are realized with larger runs with screen printing are realized right away with large format digital printing since you can immediately transpose a digital image (like your logo) or computer modeling onto a banner or poster thanks to computer-controlled digital printers that rely on nozzles to spray ink onto your medium.

  • Your message without limits

The most exciting and, frankly, the coolest thing about large scale prints is that it allows your Santa Rosa business to be as big and bold as you want to be. Although most large scale prints top out at around 60 inches, you can request super wide prints for your Santa Rosa business and reap the advantage of having a much bigger canvas to paint your message on.

Sometimes a grand opening or a really big promotion demands a printer that’s up to the task. With large format printing you’re getting incredibly vibrant images that are UV cured to ensure durability and quick turnaround times. You can pick the kinds of inks that you feel would complement your message best as well as the right emboss, finish and overall size you think would shore up the most new customers. Reach out to us at TNT Signs and Graphics Inc.