Banner printing is an essential component in a company’s marketing strategy.  Vinyl banners are an affordable advertising tool that you can put in your arsenal today to attract literally thousands of local customers.

You need traditional advertising to complement your digital efforts (e.g., social media marketing) in the same way that most businesses benefit from having a digital storefront in addition to a brick-and-mortar one. It’s all about giving customers more options.

Digital printing - wide format printer

Why Vinyl Banners Are a Must-have

Sure people will come to your site through social media and search engines, but they’re also likely want to waltz through your store and check things out for themselves. One surefire way to make that happen is by emblazoning a banner right in front of your store.

A vibrant banner is actually eye-grabbing enough to give passing motorists the chance to soak in your message even if they only have a second or two to take in what you have to say. Banners might be even better when it comes to enticing potential customers walking by to take ten minutes aside and check out your wares.

  • Absolutely Cost-efficient!

The reason this matters is that you can do all of this extremely cost efficiently: You only pay once, unlike other forms of advertising, and you reap more and more ROI every time that someone decides to stop in by virtue of your banner. Because they’re durable, you also won’t have to worry about replacing your banners every few months or when Santa Rosa gets a string of rainy days.

  • Form Meets Function

Another awesome thing about vinyl banners is that you can get them on your terms. Get the banner that fits your budget and your current needs. Whether that’s a smaller banner to ramp up the excitement for a fundraiser or trade show exhibit or a larger one to wrangle people in from off the street, you get the final say when it comes to size, style and design.

  • Versatile Enough for Any Job

Most businesses want a banner (or two) for grand openings and major sales, but you can also pepper banners around Santa Rosa to direct potential customers to your place by giving them your real-world address, domain name and maybe even a promo code that they can use that week. Since banners are such a flexible advertising medium, you can also pop the same banner in your car and move it around to see which areas attract the most attention to your business.

The Perfect Promotional Tool

One thing that you hear a lot these days in the world of digital marketing is the term customer acquisition cost. Simply, your customer acquisition cost is how much it takes to convince one of your customers to close the deal and buy one of your products or invest in one of your services.

Depending on the form of promotion that you go with, your customer acquisition cost could actually be pretty high. When you factor in the cost of research, marketing and the collective salaries of your sales’ staff: Yikes!

Banner printing can actually keep a lot of these costs in check, though, and especially lower your customer acquisition cost. Once you have a banner that you know works, you can use it for years on potential customers from all sorts of demographics. Effective promotional banners definitely punch above their weight class in this sense and allow you to reach out to millions of people over the banner’s lifetime.

That said, banners are more of a complement to your pre-existing promotional arsenal rather than an attempt to reinvent the wheel…they definitely keep your sales turning, though! So feel free to contact us on any inquiries you may have.